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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I amend my Inventory?

Changes may not be made to an inventory once it is submitted. In the event you need to add additional items, remove items, or have a mistake on the inventory, make the adjustment on the Annual Account. You may wait until the first Annual Account Report to make the adjustment, or you may submit an interim account to reflect the adjustment.

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How do I amend an Annual Account?

Changes may not be made to an account once it is submitted. You may submit an amendment to the accounting to reflect the specific adjustments that are needed. The program will carry forward the ending balance of the previously submitted account. Therefore, you should show only the adjustments on the amendment.

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How do I sign my report?

Accessing and submitting an account through the use of a combination of your user name and password is considered your signature on the report. By submitting a report or other document using this method, you are declaring, under penalties of perjury, that all statements are true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

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My expense and/or income items do not import properly. What is wrong?

Check for the following items:

  1. Is the file you are trying to import a "csv" file?
  2. Do you have more than one header line?
  3. Do the header names in your csv file exactly match the header names in the accounting program?
  4. Do your income and expense account names exactly match the account names in the accounting program?

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What does "csv" stand for?

Comma Separated Value

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How often should I enter information into CAMPER?

That is an individual decision typically based on the frequency of financial transactions.  Some may enter information virtually daily while others may enter information monthly when they balance the bank statement or another convenient interval.  It is strongly recommended to not wait until the report is coming due to try to enter a year’s worth of information.  (Any discrepancies can be very difficult to figure out at that point.) 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If uploading from a csv file to CAMPER, be aware you may upload NEW data as often as you wish, but if you upload information that was previously uploaded, it duplicates rather than overwriting the information. 

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Can my supporting documentation be submitted in a paper format?

The preferred method for submitting supporting documentation is in an electronic format. Most scanning software has a PDF converter. Commercial PDF converters are readily available for purchase at most computer stores or via the Internet at a nominal cost. If you must submit supporting documentation in a paper format, include a cover letter with the submission so that the clerk's office can match the submission with the correct court file and document.

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I do not have a computer at home and/or I do not know how to use a computer; how can I comply with the requirement to report via CAMPER?

A family member may have a computer that you can use; there are also computers available at public libraries, law libraries in some counties, and self-help computer stations at most court offices.  If using a public computer, you will not have the option to import your records from an accounting program, but you can enter the transactions individually.  You should not be putting confidential account numbers into your annual account reports.  Take care to keep your password confidential.  Basic computer training is available through many community education programs, senior centers, activity centers, and some public libraries.

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My attorney (or accountant) always prepares the account; is it necessary for me to complete the training?

You may use the Designation of Attorney/Accountant as Agent form.  You do not have to complete the training.  The attorney or accountant must complete the training and they will be assigned a user name and password to complete the reports on your behalf.  You are still legally responsible for the information reported to the court so be sure that you review and approve what the attorney or accountant is submitting.

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How are co-conservators (multiple conservators in one case) handled in CAMPER?

Each co-conservator has their own user name and password to access CAMPER (limit of 3 per case).  To avoid reporting errors, it is important only one co-conservator enter information at a time.  Typically co-conservators will designate one person responsible to prepare and maintain the annual account reports.  Prior to submitting a report, the other co-conservator(s) should review and advise the submitting co-conservator of their agreement with the account.  All co-conservators names should be inserted during the submit process.  Access to previously submitted reports and reports in progress is not retroactive, so, if one co-conservator does not get signed up on CAMPER until after reports have been started or submitted, that co-conservator will not be able to access those reports online.  In that case, copies of the report should be printed and mailed or saved and emailed to that person.

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Does each co-conservator need to individually sign and submit an Annual Account and a Personal Well-Being Report?

When submitting any report online in CAMPER, only ONE co-conservator can do the actual submission.  However, all co-conservators names should be typed in during the submit process.  This constitutes the electronic signatures.  All co-conservators should review all reports and agree with the final version submitted to the court.  If a manual copy is kept, all co-conservators should sign that copy. 

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Will CAMPER identify if we have missed the filing of a report?

No. CAMPER does not have this functionality at this time.

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Can I use CAMPER to file Personal Well-Being Reports?

Yes. If you are a guardian of the person as well as a conservator of the estate, Personal Well-Being Reports are available on CAMPER.  However, guardianship-ONLY cases are not to be set up in CAMPER.

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What information is needed to justify the accounts and how long should I retain that information?

There is no change to what is needed to justify the accounts.  CAMPER is just a new way to report the information.  Whatever was needed before will still be needed with CAMPER.  The difference may be in how and when you are audited.  You may be audited on all your accounts at one time even if they are in different stages of annual/final accountings. 

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How do I file the Annual Notice of Rights in CAMPER?

The Annual Notice of Rights is a form that may be printed from CAMPER for service by the conservator on the protected person.  However, a report is not created for submission in CAMPER.  You may scan in a copy of the Annual Notice of Rights to include with the Proof of Service, but at this time, only the Proof of Service is facilitated by CAMPER within the submission of the annual account. 

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As a professional assigned to numerous protected persons, do I have to file one Acknowledgement of Electronic Report Filing for every file?

Yes. For new appointments, the conservators will be appointed at different times and with different counties, so please submit one per appointment.  (Remember, existing user name and password will remain the same.) 

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How does the starting dollar figure get into CAMPER when we have had prior annual accounting?

This is why the Acknowledgment of Electronic Report Filing has to be filed in the county of venue.  County staff will verify the correct beginning balance from the previously filed inventory or prior annual account.

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