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Governor Dayton Appoints James B. Florey to Fill Upcoming Court of Appeals Vacancy

Posted: Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Today, Governor Mark Dayton announced the appointment of Judge James B. Florey to represent the Eighth Congressional District on the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Judge Florey will be replacing the Honorable Lawrence B. Stauber, who is retiring at the end of May.
“Judge Florey will bring his extensive experience, from 18 years as a District Court Judge, to the Minnesota Court of Appeals,” said Governor Dayton. “He is a widely-respected jurist throughout Minnesota.”
Judge Florey is a District Court Judge in the Sixth Judicial District, where he has served as Chief Judge from 2006-2012 and Assistant Chief Judge from 2004-2006. Prior to his appointment, he was an Assistant St. Louis County Attorney for 15 years and a staff attorney at Legal Aid Service of Northeastern Minnesota. Judge Florey earned his B.A. from the University of Minnesota-Duluth and his J.D. from Mitchell Hamline School of Law.
Judge Florey is the previous Vice-Chair and current member of the Minnesota Judicial Council, a member of the State E-Court Steering Committee, and a former member of the Special Redistricting Panel.
The Minnesota Court of Appeals handles most of the appeals from the final decisions of the trial courts, state agencies and local governments. It is composed of judges who represent each of Minnesota’s eight congressional districts as well as eleven judges who serve in an at-large capacity.