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The 2017 Minnesota Judicial Branch Annual Report To The Community Is Now Available.

Posted: Thursday, March 1, 2018

The 2017 Minnesota Judicial Branch Annual Report to the Community is now available.
This report highlights the efforts of the Minnesota Judicial Branch over the past year to improve and enhance the delivery of justice in our state. It details the important initiatives undertaken in 2017 in support of the Judicial Branch strategic plan, and also includes updates from each of the state’s judicial districts and appellate courts, as well as case filing statistics.
Much of the Judicial Branch’s work in the past year has focused on ensuring fair and timely access to justice, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of court operations, and improving outcomes for those who enter our justice system. This includes:
  • Building on our successful transition to electronic court records by embracing smart reengineering of our court processes;
  • Expanding our nation-leading efforts to provide help and support to people who represent themselves in court proceedings;
  • Enhancing the security of our courthouses, to ensure Minnesotans can feel safe when accessing their justice system; and
  • Launching livestreaming of the Supreme Court’s oral arguments, to give more Minnesotans the opportunity to see the work of the state’s highest court.
You can view the report in one of two ways: a printable PDF version of the report is available at, and a web-based version of the report can be found at