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New video released to guide Minnesotans through criminal expungement process

Posted: Monday, November 5, 2018

Minnesotans who are petitioning for a criminal record expungement have a new video to assist them through the updated filing process. The Minnesota Judicial Branch has released a step-by-step video that explains how to complete the necessary forms, and what Minnesotans should expect during the process of petitioning for a criminal record expungement. In order to make the informational video easier to navigate, it is broken into 16 short chapters, totaling approximately one hour of video explanation in plain language. Each chapter is between one and seven minutes long.
“The criminal record expungement video is an example of how the Minnesota Judicial Branch is working to create new and innovative tools to assist self-represented litigants. We are committed to helping Minnesotans understand court processes so they can move efficiently through the courts,” said State Court Administrator Jeff Shorba.
The National Center for Access to Justice has ranked Minnesota among the top states in the nation, according to the “Justice Index” tool, for providing access to justice for people who cannot afford an attorney, those with disabilities, and those with limited-English proficiency. The criminal record expungement video is the latest tool released this year by the Minnesota Judicial Branch aimed at assisting self-represented litigants. Earlier this year, the Minnesota Judicial Branch released the new Guide & File online tool and fillable smart court forms, which help self-represented litigants complete court forms.
People who are interested in learning more about how to petition the court to expunge their criminal record can find the new video and more information on the Minnesota Judicial Branch website. Last year, the Minnesota Judicial Branch’s statewide virtual Self-Help Center, which assists self-represented litigants, handled nearly 23,000 phone calls and answered nearly 4,000 emails. 
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