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New juror orientation video and handbook released

Posted: Thursday, August 1, 2019

New juror orientation video and handbook released

The Minnesota Judicial Branch has unveiled a new juror orientation video and supplemental juror handbook to help potential jurors be prepared for service and have clear expectations about their role and responsibilities. The previous juror orientation video was released in 2003 with a minor update in 2012.
“The juror orientation video and handbook are key tools for jurors and judges as we prepare for our respective roles in the courtroom,” said Second Judicial District Judge JaPaul Harris. “Courtrooms can be intimidating so it is important that jurors are well prepared for the environments, expectations, and experiences of jury service.”
The high-resolution video features two of Minnesota’s newest courthouses, in Washington and Sherburne counties, to show the modern juror experience. Actual court staff and one of Minnesota’s newest judges, Judge Harris, are featured in the video to offer a true-to-life view of how the courtroom operates when jurors are present. The new orientation video features clear social media and communication expectations for jurors.
The video and handbook can be viewed on the Minnesota Judicial Branch webpage dedicated to jury information and will be shown in all 105 courthouses to summoned jurors to prepare them for service. Both are plain-language tools that were developed with expertise from throughout Minnesota.