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News Item
Four Minnesota Judicial Branch employees earn awards for workplace excellence

Posted: Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Four distinguished Minnesota Judicial Branch employees from across Minnesota were honored for their professional talents at the recent Minnesota Association for Court Management (MACM) conference. Monica Tschumper of Wright County District Court, Angie Hutchins of the Third Judicial District, Gena Jones of Washington County District Court, and Sharon Schubert of Kanabec County District Court were all recognized for their contributions to the teams and workplaces they serve.
The 2019 Distinguished Service Award winner was Monica Tschumper, who works as the Wright County Court Administrator in the Tenth Judicial District. The Distinguished Service award is given to individuals who have a record of outstanding service to the community and courts, and demonstrates leadership by improving the administration of justice and delivery of public service through the application of modern management techniques.
Tschumper is a current Fellow of the Institute for Court Management and shares her knowledge and experience with others in the court system to lead a successful court. She demonstrates leadership by improving the administrative of justice, and has hosted law day events in Wright County to educate the community and stakeholders about the courts. Tschumper has worked for the Minnesota Judicial Branch for 25 years. She has worked in several different positions in Mille Lacs, Isanti, and Wright counties.
Angie Hutchins was honored as the Champion of Change. She is the Deputy District Administrator in the Third Judicial District. A Champion of Change recipient fosters collaboration to promote innovation by embracing opportunities to utilize technology and other resources to increase efficiencies and productivity in the work place.
Hutchins is talented at fostering collaboration among court staff, as well as supervisory and leadership personnel, in order to promote innovation.  She consistently embraces opportunities to maximize the use of technology. In the past year, Hutchins volunteered to take on the project managerial duties and responsibilities, and the development and implementation of the Third Judicial District’s case processing vision. Hutchins has worked for the Minnesota Judicial Branch for nearly 20 years. She has worked for the Fifth Judicial District, the State Court Administrator’s Office, and the Third Judicial District.
Gena Jones was awarded the Coach/Mentor of the Year honor. She works as a Court Administrative Manager for Washington County in the Tenth Judicial District. The Coach/Mentor of the Year award recognizes a person who fosters trust while encouraging others to achieve their goals without thought of reciprocation. Recipients are recognized for their willingness to share their skills and knowledge with others and provide excellent coaching in the ongoing development and enrichment of others.
Jones was described by her nominators as an experienced and trusted advisor who is personable, approachable, and knowledgeable. Jones has participated as a mentor in the Merging Minds Mentorship program for several years. She has also served on several statewide committees, ranging from eFiling and eService (eFS), the Minnesota Court Information System (MNCIS), and eAppeals—all of which have been instrumental in shaping the way the Minnesota courts’ work is performed through the use of technology. Jones has worked for the Minnesota Judicial Branch for 28 years. She has worked for the First Judicial District, the Fourth Judicial District, Dakota County District Court, and Washington County.
The 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Sharon Schubert, the Kanabec County Court Administrator in the Tenth Judicial District. The Lifetime Achievement award honors recipients’ many contributions to the court management profession and their years of service to the Minnesota Judicial Branch.
Schubert was praised for her diplomacy, advocacy, and professionalism when faced with challenges. She is a member of the Civil Process Advisory Workgroup, a member of many district committees, and has served as the co-chair of the Tenth District’s Administrators Group for the last four years. Her tenure with the Minnesota Judicial Branch has included two tragic and formative events: a courthouse shooting and a gas-explosion in a courthouse. Both events left a substantial imprint on Schubert, the teams she lead, and her leadership style. Schubert has worked for the Minnesota Judicial Branch for 37 years. She has worked in Stearns, Wright, and Kanabec counties.