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New Judicial District Administrator Appointed in Hennepin County

Posted: Monday, August 18, 2014

Jury summons, warrants, extradition papers, and other court documents in Hennepin County will soon bear a new signature. Judges in Minnesota’s Fourth Judicial District have appointed Kate Fogarty as the judicial district administrator for Hennepin County District Court. The appointment was affirmed by the Minnesota Judicial Council on August 14, 2014.  

Fogarty will replace Mark Thompson, who recently retired after 30 years of service with the Minnesota Judicial Branch, including 19 years as judicial district administrator in the Fourth Judicial District.

Judge Peter Cahill, Chief Judge of the Fourth Judicial District (Hennepin County), offered the following statement about the new administrator: 

“Kate’s career in public service exemplifies the court’s core values: integrity, optimization of resources, innovation, diversity, and fostering positive relationships with justice stakeholders. Her recognized leadership skills will help us all to achieve the Fourth District’s vision ‘to be recognized as providing an accessible, fair, courteous, efficient, and innovative system of justice.’  Kate’s previous work assignments have prepared her from the ground up to lead the next generation of judges and judicial and administrative staff into the future.” 

Fogarty has worked for Hennepin County Court Administration since 2000, serving as the education and organizational development manager, hearing and fines management office manager, human resources manager, senior manager for the criminal division, and, for the last year, as deputy district administrator. She received her B.A. in psychology from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

As judicial district administrator, Fogarty will oversee Court Administration staff in Hennepin County in support of a full range of court operations for the district court, including processing and management of all records and files of the court, as well as providing services to the public, other county offices, and the judiciary. 

Fogarty’s appointment is effective August 27, 2014. 

For more information about the Fourth Judicial District serving Hennepin County, go to the Judicial Branch website at: