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The Court Information Office (CIO) serves as the first point of contact for media covering the courts and court cases.

Interview RequestsPlease visit the Contacts tab on this page to contact the CIO directly with any requests to interview Judicial Branch judges or staff. CIO staff can work with reporters to schedule interviews and provide background information related to the interview topic that may be helpful.
Data RequestsPlease see the Data Requests page for filing and disposition data for the district and appellate courts.

If this data does not provide the information needed, please fill out and submit the data request form on the page. Members of the media are encouraged to enter a deadline on the request form so that requests can be processed in a timely manner.

Please note that it is usually very difficult to determine what data is available without analyzing the case management system. Every effort is made to meet deadlines, but depending on the nature of the request, that may not always be possible. Generally, the nature of the request will dictate the delivery date.
Reporters should contact the CIO with questions about a case. The CIO can help reporters access public case records and documents, and provide information about past and future hearings.

Access case records online through MN Public Access Remote (MPA Remote)

MPA Remote provides real-time access to the registers of actions for cases in the district court case management system. The registers of actions include court dates (past and future), party information, and a list of documents that have been filed. The actual documents are not accessible online through MPA Remote. Many public court documents can be obtained at any courthouse in the state by accessing the case through a public terminal using MPA Courthouse. Searching for cases in MPA Courthouse does not require a case number, but please note that pending criminal cases (cases that have not yet resulted in a conviction) are only accessible through MPA Remote if a search is conducted by case number. Defendant name searches will not yield results for pending cases under that name.


Hennepin County District Court

There is an additional resource for media covering Hennepin County District Court. Please contact Nancy Peters in Public Affairs there by phone at (612) 548-5022 regarding cases in that court, or to request an interview with Hennepin County District Court staff or judges.
Reporters should contact the CIO with questions about a case. The CIO can help reporters access public case records and documents, and provide information about past and future hearings.

Access case records online through P-MACS, the case management system of the Minnesota appellate courts. P-MACS provides real-time access to case information, including court dates (past and future), party information, and a list of documents that have been filed. At this time, only documents filed by the courts are accessible online. All other documents are accessible at the office of the Clerk of Appellate Courts or through the CIO.

What should I expect when covering Supreme Court oral arguments?

Webcasts of Supreme Court Oral Arguments- Recorded and generally posted by 5:00 p.m. the day the arguments are heard

What should I expect when covering Court of Appeals oral arguments?

Minnesota Supreme Court and Court of Appeals

Cameras and audio recording devices are allowed in Minnesota Appellate Courts under the conditions prescribed in Rule 134.10 of the Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure.

Call the Court Information Office at (651) 296-6043 at least 24 hours in advance.

Instructions for the Media Panel (Room G03 on the ground floor of the Minnesota Judicial Center, 25 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55155)

Minnesota District Courts

Cameras and audio recording devices are allowed in Minnesota district courts under the conditions prescribed in Rule 4 of the General Rules of Practice.

Aug. 12, 2015: Minnesota Supreme Court Orders Pilot for Audio, Video, and Still Camera Coverage of Criminal Cases
The Minnesota Supreme Court has ordered that a pilot project should proceed, effective Nov. 10, 2015, permitting electronic coverage of district court proceedings held after a guilty verdict has been returned or a guilty plea has been accepted.
The media shall provide written notice of their intent to cover authorized district court proceedings by either audio or video means to the trial judge, all counsel of record, and any parties appearing without counsel at least 10 days before the commencement of the hearing or trial. A copy of the written notice shall also be provided to the Court Information Office (see the Contact Us tab on this page) and the respective media coordinator (see below).
  • No electronic coverage is permitted of any proceeding held with a jury present.
  • No coverage is permitted in any proceeding held in Minnesota's problem­ solving courts, including drug courts, mental health courts, veterans courts, and DWI courts.
  • No coverage is permitted in cases involving crimes of criminal sexual conduct and/or family or domestic violence.
  • No coverage of any testifying victim is permitted unless that victim, before testifying, affirmatively acknowledges and agrees in writing to the proposed coverage.
In all other instances, the presiding judge may for good cause limit or exclude media requests for electronic courtroom coverage based on the privacy and safety concerns of the participants to the proceedings or other interested persons, the decorum and dignity of the proceedings, the physical court facilities, and the impartial administration of justice.
On or before January 1, 2018, the Advisory Committee on the Rules of Criminal Procedure shall file a status report on the pilot project, with recommendations for any further rule amendments; and, recommendations for continuation, abandonment, or modification of the pilot project, or for permanent codification of the rules for the pilot project.
Read the order 

When covering Hennepin County District Court, please refer to the Memo of Understanding Governing the Usage of Cameras and Recording Devices in Fourth District Court Facilities.


Media Coordinators

Representatives from the news media have volunteered to serve as media coordinators and facilitate interaction between media and judges. They should be made aware of any requests so they can coordinate pooling and local courthouse logistics: Media Coordinators for Minnesota District Courts.
What the CIO Cannot Do
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