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Conservator Account Monitoring Preparation and Electronic Reporting (CAMPER)

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Final testing of MMC is underway.  Please check back after 4pm today.  Thanks for your continued patience! 

On February 24 at 5 p.m., CAMPER will be shut down. After February 28, you will be able to log back into CAMPER to READ ONLY. You will not be able to edit or print. Please complete and submit any inventory or accounts due by that date. Do not submit accounts for an incomplete accounting period.

What does this mean for you?

  • On April 15, you will find the link to MMC on the same page you currently find the link to CAMPER:
  • The first time you log on to MMC you will need to create your account. 
    • You MUST have an email address to create an account.  If you do not have an email address there are many sites available that offer free email accounts.  You can search the internet to locate sites that provide these services
    • You will need to know some information about your court case;
      • Complete case or file number (Note: All characters including dashes and all zeros must be included when you first log into the system.
      • Your name as stated on your Letters of Conservatorshi
      • The anniversary date of your appointment defined as follows:
        • If you have previously filed in CAMPER use the period end date of your last filed report.
        • If you have only filed an inventory in CAMPER, use the date your Letters of Conservatorship were issued.
        • If you have not filed any reports at this time, use the date your Letters of Conservatorship were issued.  
  • You will create your own password for your MMC account.  It is important you remember your password.
  • MMC requires all conservators create a conversion inventory based on the last account filed in CAMPER.  You will have access to this account information when you log into your account in MMC.  Once you enter this conversion inventory information into MMC, it will carry forward to your next account.   
  • Video training will be available on this website on April 15. 
  • Courts have been requested to provide extensions for inventories and accounts due during the shutdown period.  Please contact your local court to confirm an extension.

For those that prefer to upload transaction data into CAMPER and will continue or start to do so in MyMNConservator, this is the information you have been waiting for. The two links below contain the instructions and .csv template for use with MMC. You may use this template now and will be able to upload it into MMC after the go live date.

Transaction Import Instructions (PDF, Updated Feb. 24, 2014)

.csv Template (Updated Feb. 24, 2014)

Guardians can no longer file their Personal Well-Being Reports and Annual Notice of Rights through MMC. Guardians responsible for filing these reports must file them electronically through their attorney or on paper. Forms are available at

  • Note:  The MMC submission process includes a statement where conservators affirm they have served the annual notice of rights, but this is not available until MMC implementation, so documentation of service of this notice for combined guardianship/conservatorship cases will need to be included with any Personal Well-Being Reports filed until MMC implementation. 


You will need a user name and password to log on to this Conservator E-File program.  To obtain a user name and password you are required to:

Once you view the Conservatorship Tutorials and the court receives your signed, notarized E-Filing Acknowledgment Form, your user name and password will be mailed to you within five days.  Your user name and password will not be issued until the acknowledgment is filed.

Designation of Attorney/Accountant as Agent:

Conservators that use the services of an attorney or accountant to prepare annual accountings can designate them as their agent.  This allows attorneys and accountants preparing conservators' accounts via CAMPER to obtain a user name and password for the case(s).  In this situation, conservators do not need to complete the tutorials, but the designated agent does.  Also, conservators still remain responsible for all filings made by their designated agent and are required to review and authorize the filings.

Designation of Attorney/Accountant as Agent and Acknowledgement of Electronic Report Filing By Designated Conservator Agent (PDF)- To be filed with the court where the conservatorship is filed.

Additional Information:

CAMPER User Manual

Notice to All Conservators (8/3/10 mailing, PDF)

Import Income and Expense Transactions

Frequently Asked Questions

CAMPER Chart of Accounts Categories

Guardianship and Conservatorship Educational Video (34 min., 7 segments)

Tips for Conservators (PDF)

NOTE:  You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the tutorials and documents listed on this page.

CAMPER Help Line: 763-279-0176

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