Ramsey County District Court Records

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Room 72 Courthouse, 15 W. Kellogg Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55102

Viewing Records

Search online through the Access Case Records link at the top of this page or come to the Records Office. Public access terminals are available in our office to access and view cases and documents. Documents are currently only available for viewing at courthouse terminals. Some cases may only be accessed in a courthouse. Older case records may not be available online, these may only be accessed and viewed in our office.

Copies of Records

Our office can provide copies of documents from Ramsey County District Court cases. To request copies you may mail in your request, phone in your request or make your request in person at our office. Payment of any copy fees is required before we can provide copies. Please see the Court Fees page for the current copy fees.

We accept these forms of payment:
  • By mail: Check or Money Order
  • By phone: Visa, Master Card or Discover
  • In person: Cash, Check, Money Order, Visa, Master Card or Discover
Please note that non-public documents may require verification of identity or a judge’s order for access. Contact our office with any questions regarding access.
This office can only certify documents from Ramsey County District Court cases. If your document was filed in another county, please contact that court location for assistance.
Agencies requesting certified copies of criminal records should send their requests via email to our office at 2ndDistrictCourtRecords@courts.state.mn.us and allow up to 5 business days for processing. Please indicate the court file number and specific document(s) in the email request.  

Rules of Public Access

The Rules of Public Access to the Records of the Judicial Branch approved by the Supreme Court govern access to court records.

Records at the Minnesota Historical Society

State Archives at the Minnesota Historical Society preserves Ramsey County civil case files for the years 1858-1902 (file nos. 1-78,050) and pre-1953 criminal files.
For assistance with the records preserved in the State Archives, researchers may contact Library staff at (651) 259-3300 or reference@mnhs.org

Records Retention

The District Court Record Retention Schedule sets the minimum retention period for court records. Please note that records may be retained longer than the retention period, and some files may have been destroyed per state retention schedules. Contact our office regarding the retention of a particular file. Some cases may have electronic records remaining, but paper documents may have been destroyed.


If a transcript has already been produced and filed, a copy can be obtained from District Court Records by paying the copy fee.
If a transcript has not been filed, the request must be made to the court reporter at that hearing. The court reporter will provide the cost and timeline for production of the transcript. Contact Administrative Services at (651) 266-8302 for court reporter information.