Scott County Copy Request Information

Documents from cases filed from 2014 to present

Scott County District Court is now “paperless” and documents from cases filed since 2014 are available electronically.

Documents from cases filed prior to 2014

Documents from cases filed prior to 2014 are stored in an off-site location. Requests for documents stored off-site may take several days to complete.

Requests should be as specific as possible

Use the Case Number

The case number of the easiest way for a file to be located.
If the case number is not available/unkown, the request should include:
  • The full name and date of birth of each participant in the case
  • The date of the offence and the charge(s) if the request relates to a criminal matter

Request Specific Documents

A request for “all documents” may return more than is required.
Use Minnesota Public Access (MPA) Remote to locate the case. MPA Remote will indicate activity on the case and may assist in narrowing requests.
Please note: Criminal cases which do not have a conviction must be searched by case number. Searching by Defendant’s name will not produce the case.

Documents that cannot be provided

Scott County District Court cannot provide police reports or confidential documents. Requests for traffic or criminal case documents should be made to the Scott County Attorney’s Office or the law enforcement agency involved in the case.

Document Types

Plain Copies

A “plain” copy is a photocopy or a printed copy of an electronic file.


Certified Copies

A “certified” copy has been stamped and sealed by court staff, certifying it is a copy of the Court document. 
Please note: A multi-page certified document will be stapled. Removing the staple means the document is no longer considered certified.

Copy Fees

There is a fee for each document requested.  The size of the document is irrelevant.  For example, a traffic citation and sentencing order would be charged as two documents.  A two page order is charged as one document.
Scott County District Court Copy Fees

Payments can by made:

  • By check, made out to "Scott County Court Administration" and mailed to
    Scott County Justice Center
    200 Fourth Avenue West
    Government Center - JC115
    Shakopee, MN 55379-1220
  • By credit card (Visa, Discover, or MasterCard) over the phone by calling (952) 496-8200

Additional Questions

Further questions may be directed to (952) 496-8200