Statewide Standard Citation

All citations filed with the court in adult criminal cases must be in a form approved by the State Court Administrator and the Commissioner of Public Safety.  See Minn. R. Crim. P. 6.01, subd. 4.  The Statewide Standard Citation is the approved form.  The Statewide Standard Citation may also be used for juvenile court cases, but use of the Statewide Standard Citation is not mandatory for juvenile court cases at this time.

Samples of the Statewide Standard Citation, FAQ's, and additional resources for justice agency partners are available at the links below.
Example of State Standard Citation – Court Date Option 2015.1
Example of State Standard Citation – Respond by Option 2015.1
Data Elements for Adult and Juvenile Citations (2015)
Citation Communication to Justice Partners (2015)
List of changes to Standard Citation 2015.1
Instructions for Law Enforcement to Order the Standard Citation (2015)
Rules of Court Applicable to Standard Citation 

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