Court Integration Services enables authorized agencies’ systems to exchange information with the Minnesota Judicial Branch systems.

Integrated eFiling Services allow an authorized agency's system to submit cases and case updates to Minnesota Judicial Branch systems. 

Attorney Assignment

Attorney Assignment allows an agency to add or remove attorneys for the defendant or plaintiff for a specific criminal case.  This is useful for case management systems in prosecutor or public defender’s offices to keep MNCIS court cases assignments current.

AssignAttorney – An attorney is assigned to a case.
        Submission by using Case Number
        Submission by using Correlation ID
        Accepted Response
RemoveAttorney – An attorney is removed from a case.
C# Windows application developed using Visual Studio 2010 that submits attorney assignment requests.

MQ Series

Queue Manager
  • Development: MSCJB01D
  • Test/QA: MSCJB01T
  • Production: MSCJB01P
Web Services
Service Address: WebServices/ServiceCatalog/AttorneyAssignmentService_3_1.svc
A copy of the WSDL is available on our public website. By default this points at the Test/QA environment. At runtime you will need to update the endpoint address to reflect the environment you are using.