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Court Integration Services enable authorized agencies’ systems to exchange information with the Minnesota Judicial Branch systems.

Notification Services

Notification Services allow an authorized agency to get court information as events occur from the Minnesota Judicial Branch.

What are Notifications?

Notifications can communicate court case or bond information changes in MNCIS.
 For instance:
  •   If a hearing gets changed, MNCIS can notify your local county attorney’s system of the change.
  •   If a criminal case gets filed, MNCIS can notify your local jail system of the case. 
The benefit of Notifications is that they are sent immediately when the case or bond information changes.

More information is available about each type of notification:
  Bond Notification
  Case Notification

Important Things to Remember

If you are using a vendor solution for attorney case management or records management, the vendor probably knows what notifications to request.
Choosing Between Notifications and Queries
Court Integration Services Fast Facts 
Notification Services Fast Facts

Implementation Information

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Getting Started with Integration Services