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Court Integration Services enable authorized agencies’ systems to exchange information with the Minnesota Judicial Branch systems.

Query Services

Query Services allow an authorized agency's system to get court information on demand from the Minnesota Judicial Branch.

Available Query Services:

Use Case Get to query MNCIS Court Cases using Court Case identifiers, such as:
        Court Case Number
        Citation Number
Use Case Search by Party to query MNCIS Court Cases using Party identifiers, such as:
         Name and Date of Birth
         MNCIS Party ID

Important Things to Remember

A Case Get query can return up to 20 cases.
A Case Search by Party can return up to 100 cases.
Each query has a request and response
message defined in the schema.
Choosing Between Notifications and Queries 
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Query Services Fast Facts
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Implementation Information

Getting Started with Integration Services
Request Access to Query Services
Integration Ideas for Local Agencies
Queries can be accessed via web services or IBM MQ Series