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Special Redistricting Panel 2001

Final Orders

Document Name Date Filed
Congressional Redistricting Plans  
Final Order Adopting A Congressional Redistricting Plan (pdf) 3/19/2002
Appendix A: Congressional Maps  
Minnesota Congressional Districts - Statewide (pdf)  
Minnesota Congressional Districts - Metropolitan Area (pdf)  
Appendix B: Population Summary Report (pdf)  
Appendix C: Political Subdivision Splits Between Districts Report (pdf)  
Appendix D: Contiguity Report (pdf)  
Appendix E: Measures of Compactness (pdf)  
Appendix F: Plan Components Report (pdf)  
Legislative Redistricting Plans  
Final Order Adopting A Legislative Redistricting Plan (pdf)  3/19/2002
Appendix A: Senate and House Maps  
Minnesota State Legislative Districts Statewide (pdf)  
Minnesota State Legislative Districts Metropolitan Area (pdf)  
Maps of Additional Cities (pdf)  
Individual City Files:  
Duluth (pdf)  
Mankato/North Mankato (pdf)  
Moorhead (pdf)  
Rochester (pdf)  
St. Cloud (pdf)  
Appendix B: Population Summary Report - Senate (pdf)  
Appendix B: Population Summary Report - House (pdf)  
Appendix C: Political Subdivision Splits Report - Senate (pdf)  
Appendix C: Political Subdivision Splits Report - House (pdf)  
Appendix D: Contiguity Report - Senate (pdf)  
Appendix D: Contiguity Report - House (pdf)  
Appendix E: Measures of Compactness Report - Senate (pdf)  
Appendix E: Measures of Compactness Report - House (pdf)  
Appendix F: Plan Components Report - Senate (pdf)  
Appendix F: Plan Components Report - House (pdf)  

Orders Filed

Document Name Date Filed
Order Awarding Attorney Fees (pdf) 10/22/2002
Requesting Written Responses to Applications for Attorney Fees (pdf) 8/27/2002
Setting Public Hearing Schedule (pdf) 1/17/2002
Order re: Minnesota Women's Campaign Fund request to file a brief as amicus curiae (pdf)  1/7/2002
Order Stating Redistricting Principles and Requirements for Plan Submissions (pdf)  12/11/2001
Redistricting Panel's Scheduling Order No. 2 (pdf)  10/29/2001
Order Stating Time Limits and Subject Matter of October 24, 2001 Oral Argument (pdf)  10/19/2001
Order Granting Motions for Permissive Intervention, Directing Filing of Stipulation and Statement of Unresolved Issues, and Stating Preliminary Timetable (pdf)  10/9/2001
Redistricting Panel's Scheduling Order No. 1  (pdf)  8/22/2001
Chief Justice Blatz's Redistricting Order (pdf)  7/12/2001
Chief Justice's March 2, 2001 Order (pdf)  3/2/2001


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