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How much is my fine?

Fine amounts are no longer posted on the Minnesota Judicial Branch website. Fines include law library fees which are set by each county and the total amount of fines can vary. 

A total fine amount is not available until law enforcement files the citation with the court and it is entered into the Minnesota Court Information System (MNCIS).  To view the amount of your fine, follow the steps below:
1.  On the Pay Fines page, under 'Pay Online', select the 'Make Payment/View Fine Amount' button.
Make payment/view fine button

2.  Use the 'Find Citation' link (option 3).
screen shot of the online payment home page with 'Find Citation' circled.

3.  Enter your citation number and select the 'Search' button. 
screen shot of the search screen

4.  If the citation has been filed with the court and is available for payment using the Minnesota Court Web Payment service, the case number will be available just below the 'Case Number' header. Use the case number to make a payment or view fine amounts.
search results with the case number circled

5. Use the “Make Payment” button to pay your citation.  If the 'Make Payment' button is not available, you must appear in court. Contact the MN Court Payment Center (CPC) for help.
Citation and Case information screen with the 'Make Payment' button identified.
6. Use the Pay Fines access payment options.