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FILED Wednesday, March 29, 2017





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FILED Tuesday, March 14, 2017

(Petitioner indicated in Italic Type)

1.      Stephanie Rush, et al. vs. The Westwood Village Partnership, et al. – A16-0249; Jerry Plummer, et al. vs. Riverside Apartments of St. Cloud
         Limited Partnership, et al. – A16-0250 – Denied
2.      State of Minnesota vs. Ely Ovis Emmanuel Ana El Sabahot – A15-1478 – Denied
3.      State of Minnesota vs. Lawrence Lee Hicks – A15-2028 – Denied
4.      State of Minnesota vs. Joseph Gordon Ranniger – A15-1953 – Denied
5.      State of Minnesota vs. Albert William Brown – A15-1683 – Denied
6.      Jerald Hammann vs. Wells Fargo Bank, N. A. – A16-0737; Wells Fargo Bank N.A. vs. Jeffrey Robert Busch, Respondent, Pamela Jean
         Busch, Defendant, Jerald Hammann – A16-1161 – Denied
7.      Justin Stephen Ries vs. State of Minnesota – A16-0220 – Granted
8.      William Buskey, et al. vs. American Legion Post #270, d/b/a Buffalo American Legion or Buffalo American Legion Post – A16-0216 – Granted
9.      State of Minnesota vs. Jared S. O’Donnell – A16-0107 – Denied
10.    State of Minnesota vs. Final Exit Network, Inc. – A15-1826 – Denied
11.    Cannon Falls Oil Company, Inc. vs. Minnesota Department of Transportation – A16-0672 – Denied
12.    Cheri Glassick vs. Wells Federal Bank, Stewart Title Guaranty Company, Northwest Title Agency, Inc., Tim Breuer, Manufacturers Bank
         and Trust Company, and Stewart Title Guaranty Company vs. Corey Hauer – A16-0247 – Denied
13.    Todd John Hendrickson vs. Commissioner of Public Safety – A16-0581 – Granted/Stayed
14.    State of Minnesota vs. Joshua Williams Wermers – A15-1512 – Denied
15.    State of Minnesota vs. Matthew Elijah Mason – A15-1755 – Denied
16.    State of Minnesota vs. Marco Anthony Gresham – A15-1691 – Denied
17.    State of Minnesota vs. Frederick Raymond Couch – A15-1662 – Denied
18.    State of Minnesota vs. Tara Renaye Molnau – A16-0330 – Granted
19.    State of Minnesota vs. Arthur Senty-Haugen – A16-0109 – Denied
20.    State of Minnesota vs. Prince Antonio Dequante – A15-1519 – Denied
21.     In re:  The Power of Attorney Granted by Virginia G. Taraldson dated August 23, 2007 to Kathleen P. Engstrom and First Successor
          Mary Ann E. Larson and Revoked January 10, 2012.  
          In re:  The Virginia Taraldson Revocable Trust Dated February 28, 2009 – A16‑0822 – Denied
22.    Mobile Diagnostic Imaging, Inc. vs. Racheal L. Hooten f/k/a Racheal L. Jones, et al. – A16-0241 – Granted/Stayed
23.    Steven Wrolstad, et al. vs. Benjamin Napper – A16-0422 – Denied
24.    State of Minnesota vs. Tetee Saryee d/b/a Zion Home Care, Inc. – A16-0264 – Denied
25.    State of Minnesota vs. Luke Vernon Kjono – A15-2073 – Denied
26.    Dustin Ryan Mortenson vs. Commissioner of Public Safety – A16-0738 – Granted/Stayed
27.    State of Minnesota vs. Justin Thomas Keodouangdy – A16-0121 – Denied
28.    Patrick H. Horan vs. Department of Employment and Economic Development – A16-0675 – Denied
29.    State of Minnesota vs. Andrew John Kramer – A15-2036 – Denied
30.    State of Minnesota vs. Melissa Rae Guillette – A16-0426 – Denied
31.    State of Minnesota vs. Kim Ronnie Blatcher – A16-0069 – Denied
32.    State of Minnesota vs. Brandon Richard Blegen – A15-1469 – Denied
33.    Joshua Lloyd Gangestad vs. Commissioner of Public Safety – A16-0729 – Granted/Stayed
34.    Linda E. Walsh vs. Richard J. Walsh, et al., Defendants, Warrenn C. Anderson, et al. – A16-0405 – Denied
35.    Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, et al. vs. City of Minneapolis – A17-0131 – Denied
36.    Alveto Rivera vs. State of Minnesota – A16-0856 – Denied
37.    Brett Thomas Green vs. State of Minnesota – A16-1142 – Denied