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FILED Wednesday, December 4, 2019


A18-0845        John Schulz, et al., Appellants, vs. Town of Duluth, Respondent, Charles Bille, et al., Respondents.
                         Court of Appeals.
            1.   To perfect an appeal and confer jurisdiction on a district court in an action initiated under Minnesota Statutes section 462.361, subdivision 1 (2018), an aggrieved party appealing a zoning variance is only required to serve the municipality that decided the variance application, rather than the municipality and all necessary parties.
            2.   The district court erred by dismissing the action with prejudice rather than joining the non-municipality defendants to the action under Minnesota Rule of Civil Procedure 19.01.
            Reversed and remanded.  Justice Margaret H. Chutich. 


ADM09-8011           Rules of No-Fault Insurance Arbitration.
                                   Supreme Court.
            Order promulgating amendments to the Rules of No-Fault Insurance Arbitration to be effective February 1, 2020.

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FILED Wednesday, November 27, 2019

(Petitioner indicated in Italic Type)

1.       Daniel R. Call vs. Ralph I. Call and Winco, Inc. – A19-0074 – Denied
2.       City of Duluth vs. Duluth Police Union, Local No. 807 – A19-0404 –  Denied
3.       State of Minnesota vs. Steven Ray Odenthal – A18-1766 – Denied
4.       In re State of Minnesota, State of Minnesota vs. Melissa Lyn Wilson – A19-1455 – Denied
5.       State of Minnesota vs. Erik Walden Narveson – A19-0361 – Granted/Stayed
6.       State of Minnesota vs. Steven Douglas Nelson – A18-1482 – Denied
7.       LTI 9500, LLC vs. Security Warehouse/5th Avenue Lofts Association – A18-1991 – Denied
8.       Leonard Connell Brown, Jr. vs. State of Minnesota – A19-0387 – Denied
9.       State of Minnesota vs. Lowrell Royal Anderson – A18-1750 – Denied
10.     State of Minnesota vs. Damion John Gullickson, Jr. – A18-1802 – Denied
11.     State of Minnesota vs. Christian Dulue Flah – A18-1758 – Denied
12.     Lance Gerald Milliman vs. Sandra K. Karsten, et al., Howell County, et al., Mona Dohman – A19-0360 – Denied
13.     Markhel D. Franklin vs. State of Minnesota – A19-0281 – Denied
14.     Amy Jeanne Flaherty vs. State of Minnesota – A19-0084 – Denied
15.     State of Minnesota vs. Jeremy Darryl Jones – A18-1836 – Denied
16.     Shari Monica Kristo vs. David R. Johnson, et al. – A18-1762 – Denied
17.     State of Minnesota vs. Archie Leon Price – A19-0318 – Denied
18.     In Re the Custody of: N.S.V, L.J.V., E.T.V., Terri Ann Bischoff vs. Linda J. Vetter – A18-0990 – Denied
19.     In the Matter of the Petitions of The Auto Club Group, a Michigan non-profit corporation, et al., vs. Lawrence J.
          Anderson, et al., respondents below, Raymond M. Theobald – A19-0327 – Denied
20.     State of Minnesota vs. Jasment Lamont Taylor – A18-1885 – Denied
21.     State of Minnesota vs. Darren Michael Thompson – A18-1938 – Denied
22.     State of Minnesota vs. Deshawn Devontae Lamar Wilson – A18-1337 – Denied
23.     State of Minnesota vs. Wayne Emil Pexa – A18-1497 – Denied
24.     A Xiong vs. Minneapolis Public Schools, Special School District No. 1 – A18-2027 – Denied
25.     Christopher London Walker vs. State of Minnesota – A19-0029 – Denied
26.     State of Minnesota vs. Troy Michael Wierson – A18-1281 – Denied
27.     Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA, Inc. vs. Angelo Galioto, et al. – A19-0175 – Denied
28.     State of Minnesota vs. Jacob Thomas Price – A18-1964 – Denied
29.     Deborah J. Palmer, surviving spouse and Trustee for the heirs of Gary J. Palmer vs. Walker Jamar Company,
          Honeywell International, Inc. – A18-2114, A19-0155 – Granted in part
30.     State of Minnesota vs. Semaj Maurice Dow, Jr. – A18-1856 – Denied
31.     William Antonio McClendon vs. State of Minnesota – A19-0312 – Denied
32.     In re S.R., petitioner, L.A. vs. T.R. and R.R. – A19-1408 – Denied
33.     Maria Vlachou-Hahn, et al. vs. Michael A. Zimmer, as Special Administrator for the state of Marcus Hahn, deceased,
          Budget Rent A Car System, Inc., et al., Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, et al., Diego Velazquez Sanches, et al.,
          Jose Cabrera Ortega – A19-1542 – Denied


34.      Scott Kowalewski vs. BNSF Railway Company – A18-0559, A18-1214, A18-1406 – Vacated/Reversed/Affirmed

Filed – December 3, 2019

1.       Shannon Miller, et al. vs. The Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota – A18-2140 – Denied