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Traffic Court

Washington County Courthouse



14949 62nd Street North

P.O. Box 3802    

Stillwater, MN 55082


Phone:  651.430.6279

Fax;  651.430.6300    

The Washington County Violations Bureau is responsible for processing cases that are payable and/or do not require a court appearance.  (Offenses that require a court appearance are handled by the Criminal Division.)  Defendants who receive payable citations can either pay the ticket (which constitutes a plea of guilty to all offenses) or see a hearing officer to negotiate a settlement of the case.   The following is a description of the Hearing Officer Program.

Convenient Traffic Ticket Resolution Service

The Washington County Violations Bureau provides the opportunity to meet with a hearing officer at either the Stillwater Courthouse or the Washington County Service Center - Cottage Grove to attempt resolution of petty misdemeanor and payable misdemeanor cases.

Hearing officers are available to review payable ticket offenses including parking, traffic, and some misdemeanors.  Moving violations, driver's license suspensions, vehicle registration, and insurance violations are a few examples of cases which may be conveniently resolved with a hearing officer in lieu of a court appearance. Settlement options can include reducing the fine, keeping the offense off of the driver's record or, in some cases, dismissing the citation.

The Violations Bureau will not handle matters requiring a court appearance, such as hit and run, underage drink and drive, driving while impaired (DWI) and theft charges. 

Defendants have the right to a court hearing with a judge if a settlement cannot be reached with a hearing officer.  The service is offered at two locations:

Washington County Government Center
14949 62nd Street North
Stillwater, MN 55082
Walk-in service (no appointments)
Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (Tuesdays office opens at 9:00 am)
(may not be available during lunch hour)
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Washington County Service Center - Cottage Grove
13000 Ravine Parkway South
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
By appointment only (651-430-6279)
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Hearings by Mail 

Defendants living 70+ miles from the Washington County Government Center are allowed "hearings by mail" to resolve payable citations.  The defendant should mail or fax a letter to the hearing officer containing the following information:

1.  Addressed to:  "Hearing Officer Mail" at 14949 62nd St. N., P.O. Box 3802, Stillwater, MN 55082;
2.  Include a copy of the citation;
3.  Include a legible copy of the driver's license;
4.  Include a copy of an internet mapping documentation (e.g. Mapquest) confirming defendant's residence is 70+ miles from the Washington County Government Center;
5.  An explanation of the circumstances surrounding the offense(s);
6.  Mail to the address noted above, or fax to 651-430-6300.

The hearing officer will review the above and, if approved, a return letter outlining options and appropriate court document(s) will be sent to the defendant for signature.  The defendant will then sign, have his/her signature notarized, and mail the completed document(s) to the hearing officer with a check/money order, if required.  

For questions regarding this procedure, call 651-430-6279.

Pay Your Citation Via the Minnesota Court Payment Center 

Previously, payment of a citation in Washington County was limited to mail or by appearing in person at the fines window.  Due to a Minnesota Judicial Branch initiative intended to increase efficiencies of court staff and improve customer service, Washington County now accepts payments online and via phone.   The new centralized Minnesota Court Payment Center processes citation payments for a number of counties, by phone or computer, at the convenience of the customer.  For contact numbers and website address, click here.