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Jury Services

Washington County Courthouse
14949 62nd Street North
P.O. Box 3802
Stillwater, MN 55082
Jury Customer Service Line:  651.430.6322 
Fax:  651.430.6300

PLEASE BE AWARE: There is currently a nation-wide identity theft scam where callers try to get personal information under the guise of missed jury duty. Minnesota court staff will never ask prospective jurors for financial information such as credit card or bank account information. We will also never ask for social security numbers over the phone. Do not provide this kind of information to anyone claiming to represent the court system. If you receive this kind of request, hang up and contact your local jury office directly.


 Washington County District Court has implemented two significant improvements to jury service:

  • Effective on Monday, August 24, 2009, the court implemented a phone-in system for persons who have been summoned to appear for jury service.
  • Also, summoned jurors will now be able to complete the required Qualification Questionnaire via the internet.


Prospective jurors will be assigned a group number on their summons notice and instructed to call the court's jury line at various times throughout their term of service to find out if and when they need to report for a trial. The jury summons will instruct recipients to call the jury phone-in line, 651-430-6363, after 4:30 pm the Friday prior to their service date to receive instructions on how and when to appear. Jurors who are called to the courthouse will be given a short orientation regarding their service and then sent directly to a courtroom for jury selection. The time spent waiting will be greatly reduced.

Postponement Information:
Requests to postpone jury service may be made by completing the questionnaire via the internet at http://www.mncourts.gov/juryservice/questionnaire  or by completing the questionnaire manually and stating the reason for postponement on the backside of the form with an alternate date.  Requests to postpone within 10 days of jury service must be made in writing with an explanation and an alternate date that you are able to serve. The request needs to be sent to Court Administration at 14949 62nd Street North, Stillwater, MN 55082. If you are the parent of a college age child who has been summoned for jury service and your child is not a resident of Washington County during the school year but is a resident during the summer months you may request a postponement on behalf on your child. This type of postponement must also be made per the instructions above. Juror Reporting Dates Jan - June 2015

No Longer a Resident of Washington County:
If you received a questionnaire and you are no longer a resident of Washington County you must indicate your current address on the questionnaire and return it in the envelope provided to Court Administration. Upon receipt of your questionnaire and verification that you are no longer a Washington County resident, you will be excused. You will receive a written confirmation in that mail once you have been excused.

Payment and Mileage:
Reimbursement for jury service is $10.00 per day, plus round trip mileage of 27 cents per mile from your residence. Please make sure to check your mileage to the Government Center on your date of service. You will be asked for this information when you check in.

Daycare Reimbursement:
Reimbursement for daycare costs is available only if the expense is one that normally would not be incurred. Reimbursement for unlicensed daycare is a maximum of $40.00 per day and licensed daycare is a maximum of $50.00 per day.
Daycare Reimbursement Form 

Where to Report:
Report to the Stillwater Courthouse located in Washington County at 14949 62nd Street North in Stillwater, MN only when directed to by the phone-in system. Do not report UNLESS you are instructed by the phone in system. You will be required to pass through a metal detection device. 

Parking Lot A (entrance located on Oxboro Avenue North) is designated for visitors and jurors at the Government Center. Parking is also permitted on the street surrounding Parking Lot A with the exception of areas posted as no parking. Handicapped parking spaces are also available. Applicable handicap permit must be displayed. Please do not park in areas identified as "Permit Parking". Parking is limited and it is recommended you arrive early to ensure a parking space. Parking Lots B and C are designated as employee and LEC visitor parking only.

Building Access:
Washington County has several security measures in place that restrict access to the Government Center by visitors and jurors. Due to these restrictions you will have access to the Government Center only through the one visitor entrance from Parking Lot A. All other Government Center doors (Parking Lot B) are locked and require entry by electronic key.

Juror Hours:
Normal hours for jurors hearing testimony in court cases are 8:30am to 4:30pm. There is usually a one hour break for lunch. Jurors brought in to begin new cases will be required to stay at the courthouse throughout the day or until juries have been selected for all cases scheduled. Court personnel will inform jurors as to when they may leave the courthouse.

Courtroom Decorum:
Casual or comfortable dress is acceptable. Jurors are not allowed to wear hats, smoke, drink beverages, chew gum or use other tobacco products in the courtroom. Jurors should take valuable items such as purses and laptop computers with them to the courtroom or to their vehicle. Laptop computers, cell phones and pagers must be turned off when in the courtroom and during the deliberation process. These items will not be allowed into the deliberation room with you.

Are allowed in the jury waiting room only.  You may not bring snacks and beverages through the metal detector to the courtrooms. You may purchase coffee, soda, etc. from the Cafeteria located in the Government Center. An ice/water machine and cups are available at no charge. The Cafeteria also serves breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday.

What to Expect:
Your term as a juror is two weeks starting the date listed on your summons. Washington County utilizes a phone-in system to notify jurors when to report for service. You will begin calling the phone-in number of 651-430-6363 the Friday prior to your first date of service and follow the instructions on the message for your group number. Your group number can be found on the front of your summons. Please refer to your summons for further instructions regarding the phone-in procedure.

On reporting day, you will receive an orientation explaining the jury process.  To watch a jury orientation video prior to reporting to the courthouse, you may go to Jury Orientation Video . The average jury trial in Washington County is 2-3 days in length.