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Online Fine Payment

Violations Bureau
15 W Kellogg Blvd, Room 130
St. Paul MN  55102

You can pay fines you owe to the Court for certain criminal or traffic offenses that don't require court and have not been taken to court by you.  

You can also pay other fines such as DNR, Watercraft, Snowmobile, or Fish and Wildlife offenses.

You'll have better results if you know the citation (ticket) number associated with the offense, but you can search by name, Driver's License number, or license plate number if you don't know the citation number.  Please note: Name, DL, and plate searches will fail if you have more than one ticket.  If you get an error message, contact the court at 651-266-9202 and press 0 to speak with a representative, who will look up your name and give you the ticket numbers you need to pay online.

There is a $1.50 fee for this service.

Click the link to the right to begin the process.

Paying Fines

How much is my fine?  What is the amount of my fine?

The amount of your fine will vary, depending on when it was received, what statutes govern the offense, and the fine schedule.  To find out how much you owe, you must either:

  • Call our office at (651) 266-9202 and input the citation number.  The automated system will tell you the fine amount and any applicable due date.  If you choose, and if you have a valid credit card that you can use, you can continue with the automated system and pay your fine over the telephone (there is a $1.50 charge for this service).
  • Speak with a representative, either at the number above (by pressing zero) or in person at one of our three Fine Payment Locations.
  • Inquire on-line at our Web Payment Home Page.  Again, if you choose, you may pay the fine at this point by clicking the Pay Fine button on the result page.  The web site accepts credit cards or checks.

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How do I pay a fine? 
  • On-line* at this website with a credit card or a personal check. You can begin the process by following this link: Web Payment Home Page.
  • By telephone* using a credit card. Call (651)266-9202. Have your credit card and your ticket number with you when you call.
  • In person at one of our three Fine Payment Locations.
  • By mail with a check or a money order: Use the envelope attached to the ticket or mail your payment to Ramsey District Court, Traffic Violations Bureau, 15 W Kellogg Blvd Rm 130, Saint Paul MN 55102-1613. Include the ticket or the ticket number with your payment. Do not mail cash.

*There is a $1.50 fee for using this service that offsets the cost of charges imposed by financial institutions for this kind of payment.

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Where can I go to pay a fine in person?

To one of our three locations:

 City Hall/Courthouse The St. Paul City Hall Courthouse
15 W Kellogg Blvd, Room 130
Law Enforcement Center Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center
425 Grove St
Map / Driving Directions
(Payment location only; no Hearing Officers available)
Suburban Courthouse The Suburban Branch Office in Maplewood
2050 White Bear Ave

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What will happen if I don't pay the fine?

For most cases, a late fee of $5.00 is added after 30 days and an additional penalty of up to $50.00 is added to that if the fine is not paid within 45 days. After that, the Court may begin collection efforts.
Specifically, if payment is not received within 30 days, a Late Payment Advisory and Final Demand Notice will be sent by first class mail and your fine will increase by $5.00. If the ticket is not paid by the due date shown on the notice, or you do not appear to contest the violation, an additional delinquent fee may be added to all unpaid fine amounts. Past due payable tickets may be referred to a collection agency. Additional collection efforts that may occur include: towing your vehicle or recommending your driver's license be suspended.
If you received an Order to Pay as a result of a sentence handed down by a judge or referee, any suspended portions of the sentence, including jail time, can be imposed. Additionally, a warrant can be issued for your arrest. 

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Can I pay online if I signed an agreement to pay a fine in court or before a Hearing Officer?

Not always.  You can pay online only if you did not appear before a judge or referee.  If you did, you must pay in person or by mail.  If the fine was assessed by the Violations Bureau from a fine schedule or if you appeared before a Hearing Officer only, you can use any of the methods listed above, including paying online. In all cases, keep in mind that your payment must be receipted by the Court on or before the stated due date.  

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What credit cards can I use?

The court accepts Visa and MasterCard.  If you pay on-line, you can also use a check. You will need to provide the bank account and routing number information from your check. 

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Why doesn't my ticket show up when I inquire?

 This may happen for a number of reasons.  Please review these possibilites and follow the advice that corresponds to what you think is the likliest of them.

  • It may be that the ticket is not yet entered in the database. It can take up to 10 business days. Wait a few days and try again.
  • Your ticket may have been issued in another jurisdiction. Follow this link for information on Courts Outside of Ramsey County.
  • You may have entered incorrect information. Double-check the information and try again.
  • If you are under 18, the charge may be handled in Juvenile Court. Call the Juvenile Court office at (651) 266-5115  for more information.
  • The charge may be entered differently into our database.  The most reliable search criteria are citation number and driver's license number.
  • If any of the charges on the ticket require a court appearance, or if you chose to appear, the case will be in a database not accessible by our online or telephone pay systems. Call (651)266-9202 for instructions.

If you cannot locate the ticket using the advice above within 2 weeks of the violation, call (651)266-9202 for assistance.

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What should I do if I can't pay the fine before the due date?

Before the fine is due, you must make special arrangements with the Court to pay your fine at a later date or to pay in installments. Call (651) 266-9202 to set up an appointment with a Hearing Officer

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Why didn't I receive a late notice?

For moving violations, a notice is mailed to the address on the ticket. For parking tickets, the notice is mailed to the address of the registered owner. If that information is incorrect, you may not have received the notice. The late fee that was imposed, however, is still due and owing.

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What is a convenience fee and why is it added to my fine?

When paying a fine online or with your telephone, your credit status is checked through our banking system and the money is electronically transferred.  The bank charges the court a fee for this service and the state legislature has authorized the collection of an additional fee to partially defray the costs of paying fines this way.  The money collected is not kept by the court, but is used to pay the bank that provides the service.  Currently, the fee is $1.50.  Payments through the mail or made in person are not assessed this extra fee.

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Contesting a Ticket

Why has the amount I owe increased?

A late penalty of $5 is added 30 days after the ticket enters our system and an additional fee of up at least $25 is added 28 days after that.  Additional fees may be much larger.If you signed an agreement to pay the fine and defaulted on the agreement, the fine will increase by the amount stated on the agreement.

Can I contest a ticket after paying the fine?

No. Paying the fine amounts to an admission of guilt. If you have questions about contesting a ticket, read the "How do I contest a ticket?" section below. 

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Can I contest a payable ticket without going through a trial?

Yes. In all cases where the fine is payable (not court-required) and you want to contest your ticket, the first step is to verify that your ticket is on file. To do so, either look up your ticket on our Web Payment Home Page or call the Violations Bureau at (651) 266-9202. Once you have verified this, you must make an appointment to speak with a Hearing Officer.  At the number above, press 0 to make arrangements with a representative.  Violations Bureau Locations 

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How do I contest a ticket?

To plead not guilty and set up a trial or to plead guilty and offer an explanation is a two-step process:

  • Step 1: Look up your ticket on the Web Payment Home Page or call (651) 266-9202 to find out if the ticket has been filed. It may take up to 10 business days for your ticket to be filed with the Court.
  • Step 2: Once you have confirmed that the ticket has been filed, call (651) 266-9202 (if you are not already on the line).  Press 0 at any time to speak directly with a representative.  Mention that you'd like to make an appointment to see a Hearing Officer.

At the agreed-on date, time, and location, tell the cashier that you have an appointment.  Bring any and all paperwork with you as well as a driver's license or personal ID.  NOTE: If, at your appointment, you plead not guilty, your trial will be scheduled for a later date.

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Can I contest a ticket through the mail?

No, you must see a Hearing Officer in person. 

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What is a Hearing Officer?

A Hearing Officer is someone authorized by the Court to hear what you have to say about your ticket and make a decision about your fine based on your explanation. Hearing Officers also have the authority to dismiss certain offenses under specific circumstances, to make arrangements to pay a fine over time, to authorize special programs, and to accept a plea of Not Guilty and set your case for court. Hearing Officers are available at the St. Paul and Maplewood Court locations, but you must have an appointment.  

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