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Civil Division

Condemnation Commissioner Handbook now available!

Effective August 2013, the  Second Judicial District’s Condemnation Commissioner Handbook is available.  Click here to access the handbook and condemnation commissioner list.

Civil Division Organization

The Civil Division is comprised of the following civil courts and offices: Conciliation Court, Probate Court, Housing Court, Civil Comitments, Civil Records, Civil Assignment and Civil Filing.

Self-Help Services

Anyone seeking legal assistance in a Minnesota Court may visit the Self-Help Center website.  This website contains helpful information regarding landlord-tenant disputes, probate/estates, conciliation claims and civil filing, including some information specific to Ramsey County. 

 Housing and Conciliation Legal Clinic (HCC)

Do you plan to represent yourself in Ramsey County Housing or Conciliation Court?  Do you need help getting started or need assistance with completing the required forms?  Would you like to talk with an attorney about your questions or concerns?

Effective July 2009, the Second Judicial District offers a legal clinic to assist pro se (unrepresented) parties to prepare and file matters in the Housing and Conciliation Courts.  Volunteer attorneys and law students are available for brief consultation meetings to help prepare litigants to represent themselves in Housing or Conciliation Court.

The legal clinic is located in the Ramsey County Law Library, located on the 18th floor of the downtown courthouse, and is open every Tuesday from 1 to 4PM.  The legal clinic operates on a "first come first serve" basis so no appointments are necessary.  Please click here for more information.

Conciliation Court

This court is sometimes called small claims court and handles claims of $10,000.00 or less. Conciliation Court allows people to bring claims to court in a simple, uncomplicated venue without the need for an attorney. Conciliation Court is located in Room 170 of the Ramsey County Courthouse.

Probate Court

Estates, Guardianships, Conservatorships and Trusts are processed by Probate Court. The Probate Office is located in Room 650 of the Ramsey County Courthouse. Probate records are also located in Room 650.

Housing Court

Landlord/tenant disputes regarding residential property are handled in Housing Court. These disputes often result in an action for eviction or unlawful detainer. This Court also handles tenants actions for rent escrow, unlawful lockout and other tenant remedies. Housing Court is located in Room 170 of the Ramsey County Courthouse.

Civil Commitment

This office processes and maintains petitions for Judicial Commitment filed in Ramsey County. The Civil Commitment Office is located in Room 600 of the Ramsey County Courthouse.

Civil Records

This offices maintains the records, documents and exhibits for each case filed in the civil courts of Ramsey County. The Civil Records Office is located in Room 650 of the Ramsey County Courthouse.

Civil Assignment

The civil Assignment office is responsible for the scheduling of hearings and trials of cases assigned to those judges serving as members of the civil team bench. The Civil Assignment office is located in Room 600 of the Ramsey County Courthouse.

Civil Filing

Civil Filing processes all civil court cases, subsequent documents, administrative defaults and orders filed in the Second Judicial District. Civil Filing does not accept Conciliation Court or Housing Court filings. Civil Filing is located in Room 600 of the Ramsey County Courthouse.

Hours and Location for Submitting Civil Filings:

Civil Filing Room 600 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Ramsey County Courthouse Monday - Friday
15 West Kellogg Boulevard Closed Saturday, Sunday
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102 and Legal Holidays
Civil Filing General Information (651) 266-8253
Civil Filing Fax (651) 266-8263

Please see Rule 5.05 of the Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure for current faxing procedures and costs.

 Examiner of Titles

Please click here to connect to the Ramsey County Examiner of Titles Office.