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Ramsey County Courthouse Hours: 8:30 - 4:30
Room 170 Monday - Friday
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The Second Judicial District is pleased to offer a legal clinic to assist unrepresented parties prepare and file matters in Housing Court!  Volunteer attorneys and law students are available for brief consultation meetings every Tuesday afternoon from 1 to 4PM.  Please click here to learn more about the Housing and Conciliation Clinic.

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Eviction Affidavits of Service and Information for Landlords and Tenants. 

Housing Court in Ramsey County hears and decides civil cases related to residential rental housing under Minnesota Statute 504B (https://www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/?id=504B&view=chapter) and criminal cases related to housing code enforcement.  This includes, for example, claims for rent abatement, rent escrow proceedings, eviction actions, and actions for violation of state, county or city housing codes.  Housing Court ensures housing claims are brought before a single, trained referee.  This is to encourage consistent decisions and prompt compliance with Minnesota's housing laws.

Ramsey County District Court appoints a referee to hold hearings and make recommended decisions.  After the hearing in each case, the referee's recommended findings and orders are sent to a district court judge.  These become the findings and order of the court when confirmed by the district judge.  The landlord or tenant may ask the district court judge to review any order or finding recommended by the referee.  The person who is requesting the review must file and serve (provide to the other party) a notice of the recommended order or finding within 10 days of the order.  This notice must explain the reasons for requesting a review and state the specific parts of the recommended findings or orders that are disputed.  After receiving this notice, a time for the review hearing may be set.  Upon review of the request, the court record, the referee's recommendation, and testimony (if a hearing was required), the judge will decide whether to accept, reject or change the referee's recommended decision.

Ramsey County landlords and tenants are encouraged to use the Housing Court to resolve housing related disputes that they cannot work out themselves.

Eviction/unlawful detainer actions by landlords

Actions to enforce tenants rights

Additional Information about Landlords and Tenants Rights and Responsibilities can be found at www.ag.state.mn.us/consumer/housing