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Juvenile Court

Juvenile Family Justice Center
25 West 7th St
St Paul MN 55102

Phone: (651) 266-5115

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Ramsey County Juvenile Court has jurisdiction over matters involving persons under 19 years of age who have been charged with a delinquent act, status or traffic violation.  Juvenile Court also handles matters involving child protection, child protection-permanency, and adoptions.


8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Closed on Legal Holidays

Filing Fees:

Effective September 1, 2013

Pay by cash, check, Visa, or Mastercard.  Make checks payable to:  Second Judicial District

Certified Copies   $16.00

Copy Fees per Document $10.00  [Not Certified]

Subpoena Fee per Subpoena $18.00   

Private CHIPS/TPR  $327.00

Motions to Intervene  $327.00 + $102.00

Record Checks    $10.00 per name

Traffic Fines:     As Ordered

Adoption:   $402.00 if born in the U.S.   $327.00 if born outside U.S.

Motion Fee $102.00

Form Packets (11 pages or more): $5.00

Fax Filing Fee: $25 for each 50 pages

Additional Fax Filing Late Fee: $5.00

Expungements: $327 (For more information, see Criminal Expungements)

If you are financially unable to pay the above fees, you may petition the Court to waive them by filing In Forma Pauperis.  Please refer to Fee Waiver (IFP) Forms and Instructions.


Ramsey County Adoption Services

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Passport Information

Adoption Publications-DHS

Minnesota Father's Adoption Registry

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Ramsey County Child Protection Services

Child Protection Publications-DHS

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Indian Child Welfare Act

American Indian Resource Directory

Delinquency Court:

Juvenile Case Record Request

If you need information about Delinquency Court in Ramsey County call 651-266-5115

Juvenile Traffic Court:

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