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NOTE: View the Daily Judicial Assignment Roster for contact information and location of Senior (retired) Judges covering temporary court assignments.

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A View of the Bench
A View of the Bench


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Judges & Referees

Hennepin County District Court Judges are assigned to Judicial Teams ("buddy judges") for each court Division. Judges assigned to the same judicial team may handle another judge's case in an emergency.  See Policy D.19 - Judge Teams ("buddy judges") for Temporary Coverage and Reassignment.

Chief Judge:  Cahill, Peter A.
Assistant Chief Judge:  Bernhardson, Ivy S. 

"Signing" Judges

The "signing" judge is available for most case types Monday - Friday, 9a-12:00 noon and 1:30p - 4:15p in Room #C-757 on the 7th floor of the courts tower of the Hennepin County Govt. Center.

To access a "signing" judge for Family Court cases, go to Family Court Signing Judge Hours.

Probate/Mental Health Court
Anderson, Jamie L. (Presiding Judge)
Probate/Mental Health Court Referees:

Borer, George
Lien, Mike
Maus, Dean M. 
Schumacher, Anthony A.



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