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About Juvenile Court

The 4th District Juvenile Division handles matters involving children under the age of eighteen (18). Cases are categorized as either a delinquency or a child protection matter. The Juvenile Division also hears adoption matters.

  • In delinquency cases, the child is alleged to have committed a violation of Minnesota law ranging from staying out past curfew to the most serious charge of murder.
  • In child protection cases, the child's parents are alleged to have created a condition that places the child's health and welfare at risk of harm. In both areas, the focus of a court case is to provide supervision over services for the child either to return the child to law-abiding behavior or to correct the condition that places the child's health and welfare in danger.
  • Adoption cases are heard at juvenile court. There are 6 basic types of adoptions that can be filed depending on the specific situation of those filing the adoption.

Most Juvenile Court delinquency matters are not open to the public with the exception of serious crimes committed by children over the age of 16. Child protection matters are open to the public with the exception of truancy cases as well as any specific case that is closed by court order. Adoption cases are always closed to the public.

Along with judicial efforts, Juvenile Court judges and staff work with other government agencies and community organizations to develop and refine programs that help to ensure a safe and healthy environment for juveniles.

Downtown Minneapolis Court Location

The downtown Juvenile Justice Center includes the District Court and Juvenile Detention Center...

Juvenile Justice Center
4th District Juvenile Court
Hennepin County Juvenile Center
590 Park Avenue, Rm. #100
Minneapolis, MN 55415 


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