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MN Driver & Vehicle Services

If you have a question about a driver's license, driving record, motor vehicle title or registration, license plates, etc., you should contact the MN Dept. of Public Safety:  Driver & Vehicle Services Division (DVS) using the information listed below:

MN State Driver & Vehicle Services MN Dept. of Public Safety
Driver & Vehicle Services (DVS) Division
445 Minnesota Street
St. Paul, Minnesota 55101
  General Information 651-296-6911
  Driver's License Fines Unit 651-296-2035
  Driver's License or I.D. Card 651-297-3298
  Driver's License Suspension, Revocation, and Testing 651-296-2025
  DVS Locations 651-297-2005
  No-Fault Insurance 651-296-2015
  Vehicle Title/Registration 651-297-2126
  TDD/TTY 651-282-6555
Email: Driver Services:
Vehicle Services:
  For watercraft/snowmobiles, contact
the MN Dept. Natural Resources.

Proof of Payment of Fines

If you paid a fine and want to fax your proof of payment to DVS at the MN Dept. of Public Safety, please include the following on your faxed document:

  • Attention: Fines Unit
  • Fax #:  651-297-3402
  • Your Full Name, Date of Birth, and Driver's License Number
  • Your citation number and/or court file number


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