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Child Care Reimbursement

Child care reimbursement is available for people who regularly care for their children during they day and who would need to pay for child care to complete their jury duty. This is intended to make it possible for more people to serve as a juror.

Basic requirements to qualify for child care reimbursement:

  • Jurors who are not employed outside the home may be reimbursed for child expenses incurred as a result of reporting for jury service.
  • Generally, jurors who are employed outside the home are not entitled to reimbursement for child care expenses unless, as a result of jury service, those expenses are greater than the amount normally incurred. Jurors may request reimbursement only for the difference in the amount normally incurred and the amount paid during jury service.
  • Reimbursement for child care expenses to those jurors entitled to it shall be:
    • Licensed child care: actual expenses, not to exceed $50.00 per day of service. Receipts for actual expenses must be submitted with the claim.
    • Non-licensed child care or in-home baby sitter: actual expenses up to $5.00 per hour, not to exceed $40.00 per day of service. Proof of payment must be submitted with the claim.
  • All requests for reimbursement of child care must be submitted on the Child Care Reimbursement Form, which is also available at the jury office.

If you think this program might apply to you, on your first day of service, come to the jury office and we will give you a copy of the rules to look over. Then, if you believe you are eligible, we’ll give you a Child Care Reimbursement Form to be submitted when your jury service is complete.


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