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Juvenile Traffic Cases

Juvenile Traffic Offender

A juvenile traffic offender is any child alleged to have committed a traffic offense, except those children under the jurisdiction of adult court as provided in Minnesota Statutes, section 260B.225.

A traffic offense is any violation of a state or local traffic law, ordinance, or regulation, or a federal, state or local water traffic law.

Jurisdiction over Juvenile Traffic Offenses


Age 10 – 15

Age 16 - 17

Petty Misdemeanors ONLY

(no other charges)

Juvenile Court

§260B.225 subd. 4(1)   

Adult Court

§260B.225 subd. 4(2)i

Misdemeanors other than DWI

Juvenile Court

§260B.225 subd. 4(1)

Juvenile Court

§260B.225 subd. 4(3)

DWI or Aggravated DWI

(and accompanying traffic charges)

Juvenile Court

§260B225 subd. 4(1)

Adult Court

§260B.225 subd. 4(2)ii