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The MN Judicial Branch publishes court forms free of charge as a service to the public. Information on this website is not a substitute for legal advice. Talk with a lawyer to get advice on your situation. Court staff cannot give legal advice.

Court Forms

STEP 1: Go to MN Court Forms Catalog

STEP 2: Select the "Category" for your legal issue

In the "Category" you will see an index of forms and you may see links for a [Packet] at the top of the index list. Choose the [Packet] for your legal issue if there is one so you get the Instructions and all of the forms required to handle that specific legal issue.

STEP 3:  Choose the "Statewide" or District form

Forms and instructions listed as "Statewide" can be used in all MN District Courts. Some Districts publish their own forms, so if a form is listed for your specific District number, then download that option.

The following District Courts also publish some court forms on select court webpages: 1st District, 2nd District and 4th District.

STEP 4:  Download document in Word or PDF format

NOTE: Most of our PDF forms are fillable, but due to Adobe licensing restrictions, you can print your completed forms but you cannot save them after filling them out.

Adobe Reader Download Adobe Reader if it is not already installed on your computer.

Checkmark Court Forms Review Service
If you are representing yourself in a court case and you fill out court forms on a computer (in Word, PDF or I-CAN), the Self-Help Center can review your completed court forms before you file them with the court. Contact Us @ SHC for more details.

Court Rules Forms

Other Legal Forms

If you cannot find a form on this website or at the courthouse, visit your local law library, a legal forms publisher, or talk to a lawyer. Some county-specific court forms might only be available at your local courthouse.

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