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Tenant wants repairs made

A landlord has a duty to make sure that the apartment or rental unit is fit to live in, kept in reasonable repair, and kept up to state and local housing codes.

The first step in getting repairs made is to let the landlord know, in writing, about the repairs that are needed. If the landlord has not completed the repair(s) (usually within 14 days of the written notice), the tenant may start a court action to get an order forcing the landlord to make the repairs. This remedy is called "Rent Escrow."

NOTE: If there is an emergency, like no heat, water or electricity, the tenant does not have to give written notice to the landlord and wait 14 days.

There may be other remedies available to the tenant. The following links provide additional information. You can also talk to an attorney about housing law issues or do your own research at your local law library.

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