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eTraining Preparation

4 Steps to Start Preparing for Odyssey File & Serve
Step #1: Review the System and Other Requirements
System Requirements: An Internet browser.  Most browsers should work, but we recommend Safari 5.1 or higher, Firefox 9.0, or Internet Explorer 8.0 or a higher release version.
What Else is Required:
  • a valid e-mail address, which you must update in the system if it changes at any time in the future, and
  • a VISA, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit card for the statutory filing and eServe fee.  American Express is not accepted.
Step #2:  Designate an eFile "Administrator"
Choose a firm/agency representative(s) to be an eFile "Administrator." The eFile Administrator will be responsible for creating and managing the Odyssey File & Serve (OFS) account and firm user information.
Step #3:   Attend a Training
The eFile Administrator should attend an OFS training listed below BEFORE registering an account for the firm/agency in the OFS system. The training is important because it provides details on how to manage an OFS account and add more administrators.
In-Person TrainingAn in-person training session will be offered at the Hastings location. Instructors are court staff who have significant experience using the eFile and eServe tools. In-person training sessions will be offered in November.
Online Training: Online trainings are conducted via WebEx and include guidance from an experienced trainer who can answer specific questions about how to use the OFS system. Sign up for online training.
Video TutorialsAlready a registered OFS user and just need a refresher on how to eFile and eServe? Tyler Technologies offers five self-paced video tutorials (approx. 5-7 minutes each) that cover the basics of getting started with OFS, entering case information, uploading documents, and doing electronic service.
Watch video tutorials
Step 4:   Register for an OFS Account
Click on "Register Now" in the login box on the Odyssey File & Serve website to complete the registration process and set up an OFS account for a firm or agency. NOTE: The eFile Administrator only needs to register and create an account one time to enable legal professionals in their firm or agency to e-file and e-serve in the Minnesota state courts that use Odyssey File & Serve.