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Jury Information

Kanabec County Court Administrator's Office: 320-679-6400
Juror Information Line: 320-679-6410

Child Care Reimbursement:

Jurors who are not employed outside the home may be reimbursed for childcare expenses incurred as a result of jury services. Jurors who are employed outside the home are not entitled to childcare reimbursement unless the expense, as a result of jury service, is greater than normally would be incurred. Payment will be made only for the amount over and above your normal day care expenditure. All requests for payment must be submitted the last day of your jury service. Receipts for the actual expense must accompany the claim. Reimbursement claim forms can be picked up in the court administrator's office.

Courtroom Decorum:

Casual or comfortable dress is acceptable. Jurors are not allowed to wear hats, smoke, drink beverages, chew gum or use other tobacco products in the courtroom. All books, newspapers or handcraft items must be left in the Jury Room when jurors are involved in courtroom activities. Cell phones and pagers must be turned off when in the courtroom and during the deliberation process should be given to the bailiff or locked in your vehicle for safe-keeping. These items will not be allowed into the deliberation room with you.

Juror Emergency:

If an illness or family emergency prevents attendance at the courthouse, please inform court personnel by calling 320-679-6400 at 8:00am. The same phone number may be given to family members or daycare providers in case an emergency arises during the day.

Juror Hours:

Normal hours for jurors hearing testimony in court cases are 9:00am to 4:30pm. There is usually a one to one and a half hour break for lunch. Jurors brought in to begin new cases will be required to stay at the courthouse until a jury has been selected for the case scheduled. Court personnel will inform jurors as to when they may leave the courthouse.

Juror Information Line:

The Juror Information Line (320-679-6410) is updated daily at 4:30pm and gives instructions to jurors for the following day.  Weekend messages are made on Friday evening at 4:30pm and run all weekend. Jurors who are not required to report for service at the Kanabec Courthouse should go about their normal day's activities, i.e., go to their normal place of employment.  When you call the jury information line, be sure to listen to the entire message and then leave your full name after the tone.

Juror Notes:

Note pads and pens will be provided to jurors for the purpose of taking notes during trials.

Juror Sequestration:

In any criminal case involving a jury, there is always the "possibility" that the jury could be sequestered (that is housed at a motel for a duration of the jury deliberation process). As a practical matter, rarely are jury panels actually sequestered. However, in the event that a jury is sequestered, the following information may be helpful:

  • Jurors will not be allowed to call their homes, but court personnel will take messages from jurors and call their families.
  • If it is anticipated that jurors may be sequestered, court personnel will request that jurors bring overnight bags with them to the Jury Assembly Room.

Juror Parking:

Handicap parking and elevator is most easily access from the Maple Avenue parking lot, located across from the High School.  You may also park in the Vine Street parking lot, located on the west side of the courthouse.


This is a no smoking building and no smoking is allowed in the jury rooms during breaks or deliberation, the bailiff will assist in exiting the building.


Weapons are not allowed in the courthouse.  This includes all firearms, except law enforcement on duty, and knives, including pocket knives.  Please be sure to lock any weapons in your vehicle before entering the courthouse.

Weather/Snow Emergency:

In the event of inclement weather, such as a severe snowstorm, please call the Juror Information Line, 320-679-6410, for a message regarding closing of the Kanabec County Courthouse or a special message for Kanabec County Jurors.

Where To Report:

When calling the Jury Information Line, the jurors for new jury panels will receive information on location to report for jury assembly and for specific reporting time.  After jury orientation, Court personnel will escort jurors to the courtroom where individual juries will be selected. The selection process includes being questioned by the attorneys in the case as well as the presiding judge. If a juror is not selected to serve on one case, he or she may be released for the remainder of the day and must call the jury message line after 4:30 pm for further instructions. Either way, jurors will receive further instructions from court personnel.

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