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Domestic Abuse / Harassment
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General Information


  • Handled on a first come, first serve basis
  • Once assigned to a clerk, the filing process may take up to two hours
  • Filing fees may apply in harassment cases
  • Court clerks cannot provide legal advice
  • Petitioner must know the first and last name of the person s/he is filing against
  • Bring addresses to serve respondent
  • Child-friendly waiting area
  • Secure building
  • Spanish and Hmong speaking staff, interpreters available upon request/need
  • Petitioners and Respondents must notify the office of any change of address or phone number
  • Copies can be obtained by submitting the appropriate request form (and payment of fees, if applicable) and/or contacting the Domestic Abuse/Harassment office
  • Violations of orders should be reported to police
  • Addresses provided to the court may remain confidential
  • Domestic Abuse files are confidential until served


  • Domestic Abuse/Harassment hearings are usually held at the JFJC, courtroom 5A
  • Attorneys are not appointed, however parties may seek representation on their own
  • Advocates may accompany parties as support in Court
  • Court hearing calendars are usually held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • AM calendar is generally reserved for initial/motions cases
  • PM calendar is generally reserved for trials
  • Parties need to plan on being in Court the entire morning or afternoon session.
  • Requests to continue a hearing must be made in writing and are subject to approval by Judicial Officer
  • Parties must appear for court hearings, regardless of service
  • Conference rooms available
  • Sheriff deputies are available for court protection
  • Certified mediators may be available at harassment hearings