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Problem-Solving Courts

DWI Court


The Ramsey County DWI Court is for persons charged with their third or more gross misdemeanor DWI offense.  The court provides intensive supervision for persons who are interested in changing their drinking and driving behavior and ending their cycle in the criminal justice system. 

(For general information and for those not charged with a third or subsequent GM DWI, refer to the Criminal Court page or the Criminal Court FAQ page.)

Mental Health Court


The mission of the RCMHC is to increase public safety by reducing recidivism among those whose criminal behaviors are attributable to mental illness.  Through court supervision and the coordination of mental health and other social services, the Court supports a psychiatrically stable and crime-free lifestyle among its participants. 

The Ramsey County Mental Health Court directs eligible defendants with mental health disorders from the criminal justice system to community-based mental health, substance abuse and support services.

Substance Abuse Court


Ramsey County Substance Abuse Court’s mission is to enhance public safety by reducing criminal activity and assist substance abusers to become drug/alcohol free, productive, and law-abiding citizens.

ASAC is designed to provide individuals the opportunity to improve their lives and break the cycle of substance abuse. The court uses assessment, treatment (chemical and mental health), strict supervision, random drug and breath testing, regular court hearings and immediate sanctions and incentives to help participants maintain a drug free lifestyle. The program represents a closer working relationship between criminal justice partners (judge, prosecutor, defense attorneys, case managers, and treatment providers) than is traditionally seen in criminal courts. ASAC serves approximately 55 participants in any given one day.