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Transcript Fees

Written transcripts of court proceedings are prepared upon request. The requesting party pays a fee directly to the court reporter before she or he prepares the transcript. Transcript rates are set by the MN Judicial Council. The first time someone requests a transcript of a proceeding there is a set rate for preparing the original written transcript and one copy. Extra copies of that transcript are then available at the "copy" rate.

If you are low income and have a fee waiver order (IFP) in your case, you can file a Supplemental Fee Waiver form to ask the court to waive the transcript fees. A judge must approve the fee waiver before the transcript can be prepared. If the judge denies your request and you still want a transcript, you must pay the fee before the transcript can be prepared.

Case Type Rate per Page
(original and first copy)
Rate per Page
(extra copies)
Civil $5 $.25
Criminal $3.50 $.25
Case with current Order for In Forma Pauperis (IFP) paid by the court paid by the court
"Expedited" transcript request (needed immediately) Rate is negotiated between the court reporter and the requesting party.


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