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Description of Process

ECM & ENE Policies & Best Practices

Basic ENE Process:

  1. Introduction and opening remarks from the team
  2. Presentation from the parties (Petitioner then Respondent)
    • Here the parties will tell the team what the issues are that are impeding or stopping them from coming to an agreement on custody and parenting time
    • Tell the team what the present parenting arrangement is, what your proposed parenting plan is and why you feel it is better for your children
  3. Rebuttal from parties
    • Each side will have the opportunity to comment on what was said
  4. Questions/clarification from the team
    • The team may ask some clarifying questions, identify common ground and disputed issues
  5. Caucus
    • Here the parties will have the opportunity to discuss with their attorneys (if represented) what has been discussed.  If the parties are not represented it is a time to reflect and thing about compromise.
  6. The team to deliver strengths and weaknesses of the parties disputed issues
  7. Team gives an evaluation and "realiity" check to parties
  8. Caucus
  9. Explore settlement options and parenting plans
  10. If the parties reach agreement, reduce agreement to writing in a Memorandum of Agreement
  11. All parties will sign the Memorandum of Agreement (attorneys and clients)
  12. Submit signed Memorandum to the Court.