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Cook County

TRIAL DURATION:The length of a trial can be from 1 day to over 1 week.  It is very uncommon for a trial to last more than 3 days.  Throughout the year, there may be a trial that goes a full week or even 2 weeks.  The judge will advise you about the estimated length of the trial.

SICKNESS OR EMERGENCIES: If an illness or emergency prevents your attendance, please call the Court Administrator as soon as possible.

PRESCHEDULED COMMITMENTS: It is very difficult for us to excuse an absence at the last minute, especially after your name has been randomly selected for a trial and listed on the jury information line.  If you have a doctor's appointment, previously planned vacation or a legitimate excuse for an absence, we can temporarily pull your name from the jury list before a random list is chosen for a trial.

Please call the Court Administrator as soon as you are aware of a conflict that would prevent you from coming to the courthouse on any given day within your jury term.

OVERNIGHT STAY:Jurors are rarely detained overnight, but you may be sequestered while deliberating on a criminal verdict or for the duration of a highly publicized trial.   The Bailiff in charge will notify your family if you are sequestered.