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Juror Conduct

Cook County

After jurors are sworn, they should observe the following rules:

  • Always be prompt for court.
  • Always sit in the same seat in the jury box during the trial.
  • Listen carefully.
  • Do not talk to anyone about the case or let anyone talk to you about it. During the trial, do not talk to lawyers, parties or witnesses in the case. If anyone talks to you about the trial, report it to the judge promptly.
  • In the courtroom, you are not permitted to smoke, eat or drink, read newspapers or magazines, wear hats, listen to headphones/radios, use cellular phones.
  • Do not read newspaper articles about the trial.
  • Do not listen to radio or television accounts about the trial.

If an emergency arises while you are on a case, promptly advise the bailiff or court staff.