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The response to COVID-19 has impacted access to courthouses and may change the way cases are handled.
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Veterans Court Participates in Justice for Vets National Training Initiative
The Duluth Veterans Court applied for and received training as part of a Justice for Vets national training initiative in 2017.  The members of the Veterans Court team received three days of training from national experts on how to develop formal policies and procedures, and improve operations.  Team members also visited a mentor court site in Billings, Montana. 

Since 2014, Duluth has operated the informal Veterans Treatment Court, with a mission of connecting military veterans to appropriate treatment services through a variety of partner agencies. The Court is now pending official approval by the MN State Court Administrator’s Office and the Minnesota Judicial Council for certification.
Sixth District Continues Innovation
As the Minnesota Judicial Branch continues its wide-ranging effort to increase efficiency and improve its service to the public (see, Reengineering Minnesota’s Courts on page 6), the Sixth Judicial District continues to be at the leading edge of implementing these important innovations.

In 2017, the District centralized many services that were once performed by staff working in each of the District’s four counties. Today, centralized staff manage district-wide financial operations and process district-wide Children in Need of Protection or Services orders. The District has expanded its efforts to make the process of accepting and reviewing eFiled court documents more efficient through the creation of a Centralized Analysis of Security and Accuracy unit. The Sixth District also has a very successful cross-district partnership with the Fourth Judicial District with the processing of their default judgments in Cook County.
Warrant Resolution Event held in Duluth
St. Louis County District Court in Duluth partnered with local prosecutors, law enforcement agencies, the Sixth District Public Defender’s Office, and Community Connect to hold a Warrant Resolution Day on October 26 at the Damiano Center in Duluth.

During the event, individuals with outstanding warrants from anywhere in Minnesota had the opportunity to speak with a public defender or prosecutor, arrange to pay outstanding fines, or have a hearing before Sixth Judicial District Chief Judge Sally Tarnowski regarding their warrants. In addition to local judges and court staff, representatives from the Sixth District Public Defender’s Office, the Duluth City Attorney’s Office, St. Louis County Probation, the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office, and the Driver Diversion Program were available at the event to assist with the resolution of warrants and related issues.