State Courts Limit In-Person Activity in Court Facilities Due to COVID-19 Spike.

The response to COVID-19 has impacted access to courthouses and may change the way cases are handled.
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COVID-19 Information

New Limitations at Court Facilities

Per an order from Chief Justice Lorie S. Gildea, the Minnesota Judicial Branch is limiting in-person activities in court facilities in response to increased COVID-19 infection rates in Minnesota:
  • Jury Trials: Jury trials in progress will continue until complete. No new jury trials will begin prior to February 1, 2021. Exceptions may be granted for in-person proceedings under limited circumstances.
  • Remote Hearings: All hearings will be conducted remotely. Exceptions may be granted for in-person proceedings under limited circumstances.
  • Public Access: At least one counter service window must be open during normal business hours. Services may be provided remotely or by appointment only. See below for current information on public access to our court facilities.
  • Self-Help Center services are available by phone and email.
Face coverings are required in all court facilities. If you do not have a face covering, see court staff immediately. 
If you are required to visit a court facility but have COVID-19 symptoms or have had COVID-19 exposure in the last 14 days contact the court or your attorney as soon as possible.

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Beginning June 15, 2020 the Carver courthouse public service counter and public access terminal(s) are accessible by appointment only at this time.
To schedule an appointment to access services for:
  • Court public service counters, please email or call Carver County Court Administration at (952) 361-1420.
  • Public access terminal(s), please call our Carver County Law Librarian, Elissa Bleess, at (952) 361-1564 or (952) 679-0038.

If you have a court case scheduled in Carver County District Court, your hearing notice will direct if you should appear in person or remotely. If you are unsure call Court Administration for guidance at (952) 361-1420 or by email.

If you are scheduled for a remote hearing and you do not have access to technology or internet access to join the hearing remotely, please contact Court Administration 952-361-1420 to discuss the use of county equipment at the Justice Center to appear remotely for your hearing.

Remote Expedited Temporary Relief (RETR) in Family Cases:
All counties in the 1st Judicial District will be participating in the Remote Expedited Temporary Relief (RETR) Program.  RETR is a temporary program to facilitate case management during the COVID-19 Emergency.  RETR is a Minn. R. Gen. Prac. 114.02(a) (10) Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process.    
This program permits the parties to retain a third party to provide binding ADR services to resolve temporary relief issues in family cases.  The process is truncated in at least three ways: volume of submissions, time limits on the process, and deadlines.  RETR follows the Financial Early Neutral Evaluation (FENE)/ Moderated Settlement Conferences (MSC) model for fees and includes a four hour flat fee rate charged by the ADR provider. To participate review RETR program information and file Stipulation and Order for RETR.