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Title IV-E: It’s Not Just About Money – Why It Matters to Children in Foster Care

The information presented in these materials and video are still accurate and valid in 2018. On May 14, 2015, a live presentation was conducted via WebEx regarding Federal Title IV-E and the basics of what judges who handle cases of children in foster care need to know to provide children the protections Title IV-E requires and to help ensure Minnesota taxpayers receive maximum benefit from federal reimbursement.  This presentation is intended to be a primer for newer judges and a reminder for experienced judges.  This presentation covers:
  • Why the federal government has an interest in children in foster care
  • What protections are provided to children in foster care under Title IV-E
  • How Minnesota implements Title IV-E requirements, including the child population that qualifies for Title IV-E protections and required judicial determinations
  • What the consequences are to the child, the family, and the taxpayer if Title IV-E is not appropriately implemented