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New MGA Application – Agency Account Managers’ Tips

Below is detailed information to successfully prepare and submit your Government Agency request for a New MGA application. 
To apply for New MGA, Government Agencies will need to designate an Agency Account Manager, who will coordinate the Users’ responsibilities of the application process (register online and sign a User Acknowledgement Form), and submit the required Application Materials to the Minnesota Judicial Branch. Once your application has been submitted, approved, and processed, Users will be able to use New MGA.

Agency Account Manager Responsibilities
Master Subscriber Agreement
Master Subscriber Agreement Signing Authority
New MGA Request Form
User Acknowledgement Form
CAT (Configuration Assessment Tool)
New MGA Definitions
Supported Browsers and Versions for New MGA


Agency Account Manager Responsibilities


Master Subscriber Agreement

  • Must be signed by someone with authority to bind the Agency.
  • If you are applying for multiple Agencies, you must complete one Master Subscriber Agreement per Agency.
  • A single Agency cannot apply for access on behalf of all Agencies within a county.
  • Submit one application on behalf of your Agency, not on behalf of your individual business units.
  • The “Government Subscriber Name” field must contain the name of the Government Agency (not a person’s or law firm’s name).

Master Subscriber Agreement Signing Authority

  • This document is documented verification of authority to sign on behalf of and bind the entity.
  • There is no specific document for this signing authority, as the verification of authorization for each signer varies by Agency. The Minnesota Judicial Branch needs documentation that tells us the person signing the agreement has the authority to sign it.
  • Examples:  Typically, an Agency will send us a city or county resolution; city or council charter language; or other documentation referencing a specific statute or ordinance that grants the person signing the agreement the authority to sign the agreement on behalf of the Agency.
  • If your Agency already has an existing resolution regarding electronic access with the Minnesota Judicial Branch, the resolution needs to be general enough to cover the revised Master Subscriber Agreement being signed now. If you need to get a new resolution passed, we will keep your file open until the appropriate governing board has been able to meet and pass your resolution.

New MGA Request Form

  • Must be completed on behalf of the Government Agency (e.g., not a person’s or law firm’s name).
  • Must be signed by the same person who signs the Master Subscriber Agreement. Their information should also be put in the Agency Director/Manager Authorizing Request block on the first page. Your information should be put in the Agency Account Manager block.
  • If you are applying for multiple Agencies, you must complete one New MGA Request Form per Agency.
  • If you work for more than one Agency, you may need to register for each Agency, but you can have only one email address in the system. Please contact the Minnesota Judicial Branch at the beginning of your preparation so we can guide your Agency on how to proceed with the application process.

User Acknowledgement Form

  • Users sign this form after they have completed the online registration process, and then give them to you so you can complete the CAT.
  • All the signed User Acknowledgement Forms need to be combined into one PDF document.

CAT (Configuration Assessment Tool)

  • The CAT is completed after all Users have finished the entire registration process.
  • The information on the CAT (User names and email addresses) has to match exactly what Users used when registering.
  • The CAT must be submitted as an Excel spreadsheet (not as a scanned document).
  • A completed CAT is sent to the Minnesota Judicial Branch’s IT Department to configure Users’ roles and verify the data that Users inputted in the online registration system.

New MGA Definitions

Agency Account Manager:
Each Agency has an assigned Agency Account Manager, who (1) serves as the point of contact between the Agency and the State Court Administrator’s Office, (2) maintains a current list of the Agency’s Users and their signed User Acknowledgment Forms, (3) promptly notifies State Court Administration when an Agency’s Users with individual logins should have accounts added or deleted, and (4) reports violations of the agreement by an Agency’s Users and the steps taken to remedy the violations.
CAT (Configuration Assessment Tool):
The CAT is the Excel spreadsheet of all Users who have self-registered, signed User Acknowledgment Forms, and are requesting access.
Government Agency: 
A Government Agency encompasses Minnesota federal, state, and local government entities. Non-profit corporations and private attorneys are not eligible.  However, if a private attorney is under contract with a Minnesota state or local Agency (such as a city prosecutor), the Agency may apply and allow the private attorney to use its account for government purposes only. The Agency must submit the application and oversee usage of any accounts used by private attorneys under contract. For more information, please read the Policies and Notices tab .
Master Subscriber Agreement:
The Master Subscriber Agreement is a legal agreement; it is the short name for “Master Subscriber Agreement for Minnesota Court Data Services for Governmental Agencies.” Government Agencies must sign a revised Master Subscriber Agreement with State Court Administration to receive access to New MGA.
New MGA (Minnesota Government Access):
New MGA is an Internet-based application that provides Government Agencies appropriate
electronic access to court records and documents.
A Government Agency’s employee or independent contractor who requests and receives appropriate electronic access to New MGA.

User Acknowledgement Form:
The form signed by each User within the Government Subscriber’s Agency to confirm, in writing, that the User understands the requirements and restrictions of the Master Subscriber Agreement.
For application process or system access questions, contact MGAAccessSupport@courts.state.mn.us
For technical or system errors, complete a Technical Support Contact Form and describe the error or message.
Error Examples:
  • I received an error message and am unable to access New MGA.
  • I could see documents on cases yesterday, and now, documents are not appearing.
  • I received a Server error.

Supported Browsers and Versions for New MGA

Browser Version(s)
Internet Explorer 10 and 11
Google Chrome 42 and 43
Mozilla Firefox 37 and 38
Safari 7 and 8
Microsoft Edge for Windows 10
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