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ADR Ethics Board

The ADR Ethics Board (formally ADR Review Board) is appointed by the MN Supreme Court to promote the ethical use of ADR in the court system. The Board reviews complaints and may issue sanctions against neutrals in accordance with Rule 114 Code of Ethics. Please see the Complaint Process section for more information. In addition the Board considers training waivers requests from neutrals. Individuals who have not taken a certified ADR course may ask the Board for a training waiver and be placed on the ADR Rule 114 roster. The Board may either grant the request based on experience and/or education. If the Board does not approve the training request, they will suggest appropriate training for the individual to take to get on the roster.

The ADR Ethics Board is comprised of judges, court administration staff, and ADR professionals. The Board meets every month as needed to review complaints and training waivers. Openings to the Board are posted on the MN State Court website.

ADR Ethics Board Roster (PDF)