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Gender Fairness Implementation Committee

The Gender Fairness Implementation Committee was established by Supreme Court Order, effective January 1, 1989.  Pursuant to the Order, the Committee was charged with the following responsibilities:

  1. Implement Recommendations of the Minnesota Task Force on Gender Fairness in the Courts;
  2. Work with Continuing Legal Education for State Court Personnel, Board of Continuing Legal Education, and the National Judicial Education Program to develop judicial and legal education programs on gender fairness;
  3. Work with the Office of the State Court Administrator to establish a statistical data base appropriate for monitoring areas of Task Force concerns and performing studies in furtherance of the committee's charge; and
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of approved reform measures which have been implemented to assure gender fairness in our courts. 

Over the past twenty years the group has been actively involved in the implementation of Task Force recommendations, in identifying and delivering continuing education, in identifying other gender related Judicial Branch issues in need of attention, and in continually measuring progress toward full implementation of the original recommendations and the effectiveness of efforts to assure gender fairness in the Judicial Branch.

2006 Progress Report (Word Doc)

Minnesota Supreme Court Task Force for Gender Fairness in the Courts Final Report (1989)

The Gender Fairness Implementation Committee was sunsetted effective Dec. 31, 2010.  The Committee's charge and mission is carried on through the Committee for Equality and Justice.