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Online Invoicing Application

All examiners are required to use the Psychological Services Online Invoicing Application to submit invoices for district court-ordered exams performed for the Minnesota Judicial Branch.  

This invoicing application is for:

  • Civil Commitment examinations including SDP/SPP, Price and Jarvis Cases
  • Adult Rule 20.01 and 20.02 exams

This invoicing application is NOT for:

  • Prepetition examinations
  • Juvenile Rule 20.01 or 20.02 exams
  • EJJ exams
  • Repeat sex offender presentencing assessments
  • Judicial Appeal Panel Exams (Direct invoices for exams ordered by the Judicial Appeal Panel to: Ramona Lee at DHS State Operated Support Services, PO Box 64979, St. Paul, MN 55164-0979)

How to Login

  1. Click here to login to the online invoicing application.

Helpful Tip: Online Help is available via the Help link within the online invoicing application. It contains detailed instructions for your reference. 

Support Material

About Case Validation Within Invoicing System

All case numbers entered into Psychological Services online invoices must be verified as valid district court case numbers before an invoice can be submitted.

Valid case numbers must include a county code. A list of all county codes is available via the Help link on each screen of the invoicing system.

If the case number does not validate, you will be able to return to the invoice later to correct the number. The information you have input into the invoice will not be lost if one (or more) of the case numbers is invalid.

On Sundays between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM, you may not be able to validate the case numbers or submit invoices due to server maintenance schedules. However, you will be able to enter all case-related information into the invoice even though the system indicates that the case number is not valid. For instructions on entering case information into invoices when the case validation system is off-line, see link located above. The invoice can be submitted for approval once the case validation system is back online.


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