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ADM10-8008            Rules for Admission to the Bar.
                               Supreme Court.
           Order promulgating amendments to the Rules for Admission to the Bar effective October 27, 2014.



(Added to website 10/30/14)

Filed - October 28, 2014

(Petitioner indicated in Italic Type)

1.        State of Minnesota vs. Jacob Jon Bergh – A13-1550 – Denied
2.        State of Minnesota vs. Joshua Michael Krall – A13-1730 – Denied
3.        State of Minnesota vs. Kanishka Shereal Molina – A13-1800 – Denied
4.        State of Minnesota vs. Samuel Johosephat Taylor – A13-1299 – Denied
5.        Marcia Lee Stresemann, d/b/a Affiliated Counseling Center, LLC vs. Lucinda Jesson,
           Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Services, in her individual
           and official capacity, et al. – A13-1967 – Granted
6.        Michael Cordale Henderson vs. State of Minnesota – A13-2308 – Denied
7.        Randy Lee Oulman vs. Wade Setter, Superintendent, Minnesota Bureau of Criminal
           Apprehension, in his official capacity – A13-2389 – Denied
8.        Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company vs. Historic Ivy Tower, LLC, et al.
           A13-1621 – Denied
9.        In the Matter of the Civil Commitment of:  Adam Christopher Robb. – A14-0450,
           A14-0451 – Denied
10.      State of Minnesota vs. Eric Jerome Johnson – A13-1678 – Granted in Part/Affirmed
           in Part/Vacated in Part/Remanded
11.      State of Minnesota vs. Robert Lee Crisler – A13-1827 – Denied
12.      State of Minnesota vs. Roosevelt Hunter – A13-1595 – Denied
13.      Waste Management of Minnesota, Inc. vs. Minnesota Pollution Control Agency –
           A14-0122 – Denied
14.      McGrann Shea Carnival Straughn & Lamb, Chartered vs. Clinton Roberts – A14-0131 –
15.      State of Minnesota vs. John Alvin Lindquist – A14-0363 – Denied
16.      State of Minnesota vs. Andrew William Serres – A13-1864 – Granted/Stayed
17.      In the Matter of:  Christopher Glenn Westfall, o/b/o A.D.W. vs. Nina Marie Westfall – 
           A14-1293 – Denied
18.      State of Minnesota vs. Christine Michelle Lacroix – A14-0339 – Denied
19.      David P. Cook vs. Wendi C. Wicktor-Heinks – A13-1878 – Denied
20.      Shantha Jayapathy vs. State of Minnesota – A13-2041 – Denied
21.      State of Minnesota vs. Ahavel Abimola Scherz – A12-2214 – Denied
22.      Calvin Haasken vs. Robert A. Jordan, Elizabeth H. Jordan, et al. – A14-1145 – Denied
23.      Randall Mark Spears vs. State of Minnesota – A14-0310 – Denied
24.      State of Minnesota, by its Attorney General, Lori Swanson and its Commissioner of 
           Commerce, Michael Rothman vs. CashCall, Inc., a California corporation, et al. – A13-2086 – 
25.      Maurice Level Ward, Sr. vs. State of Minnesota – A13-2133 – Denied
26.      Lucas Gordon Bunde vs. Commissioner of Public Safety – A13-1684 – Denied
27.      Gregory B. Lindwall vs. Country Preferred Insurance Company, et al. – A13-2292 –
28.      Sondra Keeney vs. Midwest Special Services, Inc., Department of Employment and 
           Economic Development – A14-0057 – Denied
29.      Leslie Jay Boyd, Jr. vs. State of Minnesota – A13-2407 – Granted/Stayed
30.      Robert Earl Pittman, Jr. vs. State of Minnesota – A14-0066 – Denied
31.      John Patrick Murphy vs. State of Minnesota – A13-2332, A13-2413 – Denied
32.      Ricky James Bedell vs. Tom Roy, Commissioner of Corrections – A14-1077 – Denied



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