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Second and Fourth Districts ViBES to MNCIS Transition

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The Minnesota Judicial Branch is completing its final conversion to MNCIS and the final steps of the implementation of the Minnesota Court Payment Center (CPC). Beginning in 2015 citation processing in the 2nd and 4th District will be supported by MNCIS rather than ViBES. Planning and development are now underway.

How Will Justice Partners Be Affected by System Changes?

Justice partners currently submitting electronic citations will notice a few changes. Considerable changes are being made to MNCIS to better support high-volume citation processing. These changes will enhance eCitation handling and will require changes to the eCitation schema. More to come in the months to follow. Though some transitional efforts will be necessary, justice partners will enjoy more options to access citation data from the 2nd and 4th Districts through MNCIS data services once these citations are processed in MNCIS. Learn more about MNCIS data services here.

What Does the Minnesota Court Payment Center Do?

The Minnesota Court Payment Center (CPC) was formed to centralize and standardize most routine  processing of citations issued across the state.  An important goal in forming the CPC is to provide the citizens of Minnesota with a single source of resolving a payable citation issued anywhere throughout the state. Today, the CPC processes citations issued in 85 Minnesota Counties, all except Hennepin and Ramsey.  With the transition to MNCIS in 2015, the CPC will begin processing Hennepin and Ramsey citations too. Learn more about the CPC and how justice partners will be affected by this change here.

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