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Implentation Guide: How to Establish and Sustain a CJI Team

The Implementation Guide is a brief outline of the steps to implement the Children’s Justice Initiative (CJI) in a county.   Click here to access the Implementation Guide

Each of Minnesota's 87 counties has a CJI Team.  Implementation of CJI Teams began in 2001 with 12 pilot counties from a mixture of urban, suburban and rural counties.  Sixteen additional counties implemented CJI Teams in 2002, and the remaining 60 counties implemented CJI Teams in 2004.  The same process was used as each group of counties was added.  Gradually adding the counties was critical to the process as it allowed the enthusiasm from the first groups of counties to spread to each subsequent group of counties as they began to share success stories.  The first counties also assisted in mentoring the subsequent groups of counties.

If you have a question about the Children's Justice Initiative, click on the following link to contact the CJI Managers: Ann Ahlstrom and Judy Nord, Staff Attorneys Send an email via our contact form