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The Judges who will perform weddings in Dakota County and their phone numbers are listed below. You must contact the Judges to make arrangements for your wedding.  A fee may be charged for this service, this should be discussed when you schedule the wedding with the Judge.

On the day of the wedding you will need to bring along your marriage license, legal identification and two witnesses who are age 16 or older. 


Judge Jerome Abrams**: (612) 308-2100
Judge Michael Baxter: (612) 716-8525
Judge Eric Braaten: (612) 554-0185
Judge Joseph Carter: (651) 983-9147
Judge Lawrence Clark: (651) 267-4800
Judge Jamie Cork: (651) 438-8281 or (763) 267-8480
Judge Colleen King: (952) 496-8220
Judge Caroline Lennon: (952) 496-8219
Judge Kevin Mark: (651) 380-2924
Judge Cynthia McCollum: (952) 891-7563
Judge Leslie Metzen**: (651) 470-9233 - W & E only
Judge Ann Offermann: (952) 240-2941 or (952) 496-8216
Judge Richard Perkins: (507) 665-6103
Judge Thomas Poch: (612) 961-1661
Judge Thomas Pugh: (651) 253-7488
Judge Richard Spicer*: (651) 238-9470
Judge Richelle Wahi: (651) 438-8192 or (651) 438-4338
Judge Tim Wermager: (651) 438-3132
Judge Christian Wilton: (952) 496-8224

W & E only - judge will perform weddings on weekends and evenings only.
* also offers ceremony in Spanish (Judge does not speak Spanish)
** Spanish speaking/Se habla espanõl